Our Volunteers

Blue Ridge Pride is an all-volunteer organization.  We couldn’t do it without you!  Below, we have a gathered a list of the people who have generously shared their time and spirit in the past year or so or who have signed up to volunteer at this year’s festival.

Is your name missing?  Please let us know.  Contact us at volunteer@blueridgepride.org.
Are you interested in volunteering?  Right now, we need people to support the festival.  Please go to our SignUp link.  We will soon post a link for people who want to volunteer for our many new programs.

Festival 2017 Volunteers (to date)

Katy Allen
Herb Arnold
Christopher Astle
Marlan Brinkley
Hannah Brown
Michael David Carpenter
Megan Cockman
Athena Cole-Ekman
Aliyah Davis
Roger Drought
Tom Dula
Anika Eide
Kristin Engblom
Sarah Gibson
Darryl Hansome
Michael Harney
Tessa Higgins
Sonya Johnson
Athena Kinch
Rita Jenne Kochensparger
Tiffani Koors
Darcie Layne
Bennett Lincoff
Azaria Miller
Montana Montiel
Ashley Morgan
Trisha Nicholas
Chris Oaks
Rebecca Pitocco
Courtney Powers
Jessica Prax
Mary and Charlie Primm
Paul Reith
Brooklyn Rivera
Paul Rogers
Grace Sereno
Rick Swilling
Mary Thomas
Eric Tobleman
Shawn Verbrugghe
Mary White
Nicole White
Tina White
Bob Whitney
Wren Williams
Allie Wilson
Cole Woodcox
Joe Zinich
Alexander Cameron V

Volunteers from Past 18 Months

David Bate
Edward Brinkman
Natty Burford
Alexander Cameron V
Rachel Campbell
Kitty Cavalier
Rosie Coates
Jarvis Conley
Priscilla Curvin
Savannah DeHart
Darlene Dietz
Creola Djarlo
Brenda Erikson
Sharon Erwin
Evan Gates
Dani Gavin
Sarah Gibson
Tamara Gunn
Darryl Hansome
Michael Harney
James Harrison
Brittany Hedges
John Holloway
Jim Hopkins
Amaya Kinch
Tony Kinch
Athena Kinch
Rita Jenne  Kochensparger
Tiffani Koors
Alina Leung
Emil Lughart
Jessy Martin
Michelle Martin
Cindy Moors
Shelly Murray
Jen Northup
Jennifer Northup
Chris Oaks
Ann OBrien
Gracia O’Neill
Dash Pelllegrini dePaur
Jennifer Pickering
Rebecca Pitocco
Carrie Plaxco
Tina Porter
Courtney Powers
Charlie Primm
Mary Primm
Debi Pullen
Sarah Rave
Traci Reinartz
Sonya Rennick
Carol Schindler
Elli Schmeltekopf
BK Segal
Brook Stillman
Jenn Storm
Valerie Summers
Mary Thomas
David Wachholz
Heather Williams