Main Stage Lineup

Something for everyone … And two stages to go!

Rhoda Weaver and the Soul Mates

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Weaver’s repertoire encompasses blues and jazz standards, classic songs from Motown and R&B hits from the ’60s through the ’90s. Her versatile voice has earned favorable comparisons to great female singers of the past, but she puts her personal stamp on every song and makes it her own. – Citizen Times

The Gypsy Swingers

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Founded by Mario Piccolo in Chattanooga, TN, the Gypsy Swingers is an up tempo acoustic jazz band playing in a style reminiscent of European Swing Jazz , American Early Jazz with a little South American/Latin flavor. Its music to groove on or dance to.

Wanda Lopez

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Wanda López La voz de Oro, Cantautora e intérprete latina, que domina a la perfección más de 30 géneros musicales de dicímiles paises. Canta en 4 idiomas. y siempre ha apoyado y seguirá apoyando diferentes causas benéficas .La música es su Pasi

Jangling Sparrows

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“Edelman makes short work of simple but effective lyrics, driving percussion, searing guitars and hooky melodies….Hints of Springsteen and Mellencamp are balanced with Edelman’s original sound; an imperfect but comfortable voice and addictive narrative songs” – Alli Marshal-Mountain Xpress

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Modern Strangers is an Asheville-based rock band playing fun, high-energy, dance-friendly Melodic Rock/Jangle Pop music!  A 4-piece combo of journeyman musicians, they take their varied influences and form them into a Jangle Pop juggernaut. They often draw comparisons to The Beatles, REM, Elvis Costello, Violent Femmes and The Kinks.  Catchy songs, vocal harmonies and just the right amount of edge make these guys a fun night whether they’re playing originals or quirky covers.  Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

“There are few groups on the local scene that would classify as pop bands. Modern Strangers is among that elite camp. With catchy melodies and an infectious energy, they create a sound that feels as if it comes from another era” – Mountain Xpress

The Dirty Badgers

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What happens when hard mountain blues meets old school CBGBs punk.