Complete List of Videos

Thanks to all who posted these to the internet. If you have other videos or photos to share, contact us at  We are seeking a volunteer to add additional videos to this page.

Pride Festival 2019

  • DRAG Show Opener, Moving tribute to victims of transphobia and violence. [14:29]
  • DRAG Show Highlights
  • Festival Highlights as Captured by Holly of Florida! She writes, “While on vacation we stumbled across pride in Asheville North Carolina -ended a perfect day! it was the largest pride I’ve been to and it made me fall in love with Asheville just a little bit more”

Pride Festival 2018

Festival 2017

Miss Blue Ridge Pride Pageant 2017

Pride Festival 2016

Miss Blue Ridge Pride Pageant, 2016

Pride Festival 2014

Pride Festival 2013

Pride Festival 2012

Pride Festival 2010

Pride Festival 2009

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