Aging with Pride- a national survey

An increasing focus is appearing regarding our aging LGBTQ+ elders and the need for more information. This survey is a bit different in that it is geared towards the LGBTQ+ community, aged 52-58. Our program, Generation Plus serves the LGBTQ+ 55+ community and we hope you will complete the survey as it’s results will add greatly to our understanding of the community needs. In the past other surveys have focused on an older population. Your input is greatly appreciated!

We are excited to share the news of the Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study (NHAS)‘s recent launch of a new survey. One goal of this launch is to reach a new generation of study participants, adults turning 52-58 this year, who were not eligible to participate when our study first began. It is our hope that by hearing this new generation voice their thoughts, we will further deepen our understanding of how various life experiences are related to changes in aging, health, and well-being over time. The survey can be accessed by clicking “check your eligibility” at the top of our study website.

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