All The Lonely People


All the Lonely People: Easing loneliness and isolation for those we serve and the people we love
April 27th, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

In this fascinating program that will offer intimate access to people documenting their struggles to overcome chronic loneliness, join AARP and Blue Ridge Pride as we explore how isolation and loneliness impact our own experiences. We will also focus on specific challenges of how this impacts people in the LGBTQ community. Through the critically acclaimed filmmaking of Stu Maddux & Joe Applebaum, select scenes from their latest documentary, “All The Lonely People” will set the stage for a discussion about the latest research on this emerging public health crisis.

We will also feature author and educator, Val Walker, a leading expert on social isolation.

This event is free but does require an RSVP to attend.

This event is brought to us by AARP NC and Blue Ridge Pride.

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