Blue Ridge Pride announces monthly socials

Many people talk about community and we certainly have a diverse and rich LGBTQ+ community here in Asheville and the region. And while we love seeing all the love at the annual Blue Ridge Pride festival we know there are more opportunities for us to come together, have a good time and build upon the great work started in 2009 when Blue Ridge Pride started (officially). The 2022 Pride Festival saw a record number of people, close to 18k. And while we hope they all come back and bring a friend to our city we want to hang out with our locals. So what better way than to have a social party where we meet new people in the LGBTQ+ community, greet familiar faces, laugh, listen, learn and continue to explore the possibilities for growth and unity.

We listened to people over the last year and what we heard was you love our festival but there is little else to bring us together. Well folk, that is no longer the case.

As we move through the community in the spirit of PRIDE each month will bring us to a different venue where we can revel in our strengths, gab about the latest happenings or just simply kick back, with like minded folk, and enjoy the party. Maybe there will be a band, maybe a pop-up drag performance. We are open to your ideas!

They say March rolls in like a lion. Well, let’s roll out the spirit of community and get to know each other better. First up some time with our friends at Banks Ave. Bar. Friday, March 10th starting at 5:30PM or in other words HAPPY HOUR(S)! In addition to the regular bar drinks they have non-alcoholic options and remember, drink responsibly and be kind to each other.


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