Blue Ridge Pride COVID-19 Community Relief Match Fund

Thanks to your generosity, we have raised over $6,000 for emergency relief for the members of our community in Western North Carolina.

Thank you!

About CSE’s Program: CSE’s Community Response Grant program [link] opened March 25. Within 14 hours, it received 104 applications. Those approved exhausted its $10,000 budget. These funds go directly to LGBTQ people and families in need. We have set up this program with CSE because they were the first organization to scale a response to this need and because their demographics match our full community. Depending on interest, we may launch additional campaigns to support other programs.

Contributing Donors

  • Allan Barger
  • Jasmine Summers
  • Darlene Dietz
  • Richard Renshaw
  • Rachel Muir
  • Barbara Bell
  • Allison Scott
  • Max Taintor
  • Richard Swilling
  • Tina White
  • Ronald Thompson
  • Anonymous (12)

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