Blue Ridge Pride Establishes Board Control of Community Partner Fund

In 2019, Blue Ridge Pride made three important policy decisions.

  1. It established the Blue Ridge Pride Community Partner Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to support the many groups, organizations and projects that seek to uplift western North Carolina’s LGBTQ Community.   None of the monies tied to the fund can be used for Blue Ridge Pride.
  2. It placed all control over funding decisions in the hands of the Board of Directors.  
  3. It established an online application process and an online report of all monies granted.

Executive Director, Tina White explains, “One of our primary goals in 2019 was to expand our funding of other organizations.  One of the major elements of our mission is to work in partnership with others to build our community.  We set up the Fund to establish a mechanism that is easy for donors and partners to access and to ensure that decisions are reported transparently. 

Board President, Butch Thompson, adds, “We also felt it important that funding decisions be governed by the community.  In the past, they were made by the Executive Director with the consent of the board.  Now they are made entirely by the Board of Directors.  Our goal is to build a board that fully represents our community and its needs.  I encourage people who want to be involved to apply.”

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