Blue Ridge Pride Pursues More Community-Based Approach to Security at the Festival

We are taking a more community-driven approach to ensuring security this year.

This year, we’re combining our Security Team with our Festival Ambassadors!

The safety and security of everyone who comes to the festival, including you, is our top priority! We look for potential problems or areas where assistance is needed.

An important aspect of security is interacting on a personal basis with our friends and guests. Our security team is not confrontational. We’re not asking you to tackle anyone. Security is about observation and awareness. Do they need first aid, assistance, or information?

We have law enforcement personnel on site and nearby if there is a problem. Your job is to communicate the problem to the Director of Security, other Blue Ridge Pride leaders, or direct to law enforcement.

That leaves room for the dual role of Security Ambassador. While the Ambassador still needs to maintain observation and awareness, they are able to talk with guests, help people with their questions or problems, and generally be a bright and friendly light, representing Pride in the community. Does everyone feel welcome? The positions are designed so you can move around a zone, so you’re not stuck in one little area.

Special skills include walking, standing, looking, listening, and using the radio. Hard stuff, right? But wait, there’s more. Additional requirements are smiling, loving, & caring. Your basic superpowers.

We ask people in this role to speak with our Director of Security, Alan Rosenthal, and to complete North Carolina’s easy, 30-minute, online Crowd Management certification.

All Security Ambassadors will meet in person one time before the festival. Alan will provide you with a couple meeting time options. For everyone’s safety, we ask that you be fully vaccinated and provide your original vax card when you meet with Alan.

When you sign up, you’ll see that the shifts are for 4 hours. If you can’t do 4 hours, sign up for the time of day that works best. Alan will fine tune the schedule to meet your needs and the needs of the festival. You can double-up with a friend if you like. Both need to register.

We’re thrilled that you’re joining our team and look forward to serving with you and having fun together! Thanks!!


Alan Rosenthal, Director of Security

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