BRPC Core Team and Board Member Onboarding

Please complete these steps at your earliest convenience.

Greetings, and welcome! This is a quick welcome letter that focuses on a few important administrative and technical next steps. We recommend you do these in order.

As Soon as You Can (takes <10 minutes)

1. Set Up Your BRPC Email

  • Login at
  • Your Login ID is your email: This is usually your first initial and last name: [let us know if you want to change this or add additional spellings]
  • Your Preliminary Password is: “Pride@2009#!”. You will be asked to change this.
  • Please do not turn on auto-forwarding. It will send an error message to anyone who emails you.

Email Policy: We ask all core team members to use your BRPC email for all BRPC communications and to monitor your email at least once a week. If you need help making it easy to track your email, contact us. We’d be happy to help with setting up your PC and/or your smart phone so that you can track both personal and BRPC email with minimum effort.

2. Register on our Website with your BRPC email.

  • Register on our Web Site [link] with your BRPC email. Please do this even if you have previously registered under your personal email. Your BRPC login will give you additional access.
  • Request Contributor status [link].  After you are logged in, place this request. Once we approve your status, you will have access to additional links, capabilities, and information on the site.

Next Week or So

3. Complete Key Online Forms (<10 minutes)

4. Create Your Team Profile (<10 minutes if you have content and picture ready)

  • Create your online profile [link]. You can view other leadership profiles and board profiles.  Note: your profile will not show up on the site until we review it. Contact us if you don’t see it appear within a couple of days.

Other Matters

  • Technology: We make heavy use of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams. If you have Office installed on your desktop or smartphone, you can access BRPC email and files directly from your desktop software. Contact us and we will help you set it up.  Because many on our team are not computer buffs, we tend to use only the most basic features of these powerful software suites.
  • BRPC Policies.  You can find links to our policies here.  They come down to a few essentials: we take community trust, treatment of people, and wise use of resources seriously


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