Create Your Own Festival Week Events

An Opportunity for Community Services, Advocates, Artists, and Businesses

The Blue Ridge Pride festival is a community-created event.  The day-long experience is a product of all who come to exhibit, entertain, and participate.  But we needn’t be limited by our festival footprint.  We invite the community to create their own Pride events.

  • If you have a Pride-related event that falls between 9/15/22 and 9/27/22, be sure to add it to our calendar.  When selecting a category, check the box for Festival / Festival Week.
  • If you wish to discuss Festival Week collaborations, contact

Criteria: To be included in the calendar, the event should be relevant in some way to at least one of the following:

  • The LGBTQ+ community, its culture and concerns
  • Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice (for any group)
  • Creating a community in WNC that is welcoming to all

People are welcome to create events that are simply fun.  But we encourage you to think about the entirety of our mission:

  • Advocate: Activate Community
  • Celebrate: Food, Entertainment, Socializing
  • Educate: Awareness-Building, Workshops, Discussions
  • Serve: Deliver a service to the community. Raise funds for a relevant cause.

Support the Blue Ridge Pride Community Partner Fund. This fund distributes monies to local non-profits and projects that support the LGBTQ+ and allied communities. (The only organization that cannot tap these funds is our own.)  If you want to raise money for this fund with your event, contact us as at  You can donate directly to the fund here.

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