Elder Abuse Awareness- It’s real and it’s scary

Many of us know an elder and some of us are elders in the LGBTQ+ community. With aging comes some struggles. June 15th is a day to bring awareness, education and advocacy for our older LGBTQ+ community.

LGBT adults from older generations lived under severe stigmatization of their identities.
34% report concerns that they will need to hide their identify if they
need to seek supportive housing

67% report fear of neglect, and 60% fear verbal and physical harassment

52% believe they would have been forced to hide their LGBT identity in long-term care settings

African-Americans reported the highest levels of lifetime LGBT related discrimination, and both African-Americans and Hispanics reported lower levels of household income, education, affirmation of
their identities and social support compared to non-Hispanic white LGBTQ older adults.

27% of LGBT Baby Boomers report that they have great concerns about discrimination as they age. A 2014 national study by SAGE found that 34% of LGBT older adults live alone with 40%
indicating they have a shrinking support system.

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