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No 0 Amy Gilcrist        
No 0 Amy Gilcrist        
Yes! 1 Isabel Beteta

Met so many wonderful people! It get like home.

No complaints!


Yes! 1 Boyd Darsey

Great festival! Loved seeing so many ppl! My first Pride in Asheville. Fav poster was a high school kid, “the only thing I’m confused about is math”

Yes! 1 Allen Brasington

Great event!

Big name acts.


Yes! 1 Derek Dixon        
Yes! 1 Keith Robinette        
Not Sure   Scott Clodfelter  

More volunteers. I worked in a beer tent and it was chaotic and grueling. Not sure I’d do it again.

David Perry!

Yes! 2 Amanda Mortensen        
Yes! 2 Sue Riles        
Yes! 2 John Stewart

It was a fantastic event for the city and every comment from vendors and festival goes was extremely positive and thankful for such a fun time.

For vendor load-in each person should have a map, not just the two leads, and there needs to be a small table for the volunteers to place their drinks, snacks and other items on instead of on the ground. Otherwise this was an extremely smooth process.

Special thanks to Tina for the untold number of hours, days, weeks and months she invested to make this event spectacular. A big thank you to Amy Marie and the others that helped us with the vendor load-in and setup of the middle and lower festival areas. They kept everything moving and made the vendor load-in a smooth and fast process. The vendors were very thankful for their help.

Yes!   boyd darsey

It was a great day!

Yes! 1 Steve Burns        
Yes! 1 Al Wehrsdorfer

It was great to see the enthusiasm and turn-out. After two years of no events it was fun!

A more coordinated transition from the crews working the beer/wine tents – there was some initial confusion. I would also suggest anyone working those functions at least have the phone app for processing payments installed; it took forever to download on the site vs. it would be easy to do from one’s home. Password, etc. could then be entered upon starting the shift.

David Perry

Yes! 1 Amy Gilcrist        
Yes! 2 Allen Brasington        
Yes!   Gary Crossey        
Yes! 1 Melissa Hoskins

Very fun from what I could see. People seemed to be having a great time. I loved being at the front and interacting with so many guests of the festival.

I can’t think of anything off hand. I thought overall it was well organized and everyone who needed to knew their roles.

Tina! And the cool crew I worked with in my tent.

Yes! 1 Aisha Adams

The parade was fun


Mary White and Allen helped!

Yes! 2 Rachel Muir    

Not volunteers per se, but I want to shout out to all the faith communities that attended. I think there were 8 to 10, some from smaller communities in western North Carolina. It would be great to somehow recognize them for their support, it means a great deal to many in our extended community.

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Yes! 1 Mary White

Loved it!!!

I know this is hard to do because it’s an all volunteer organization… Get someone to lead each group such as beer putting volunteers, clean up, cash collection, etc. so when there is a need for support in any of those areas, there is a list of people than can be contacted for each area. The list should be sent out via text or email a few days before and also on the day of.

Rob Ide & John Stewart
They stayed longer than their shift and stepped in to replace me and Evelyne White when we needed to leave our beer pouring post in a hurry.

Yes! 1 Dean Sandler        
Yes! 1 Lynn Morningstar

I was very impressed with the festival and enjoyed it a lot.
I would love to volunteer again next year.

No   Ted Spirakis

It was my first time volunteering, but it looked like it was well attended, with everyone having a great time. I wish I could attend the Volunteer Celebration, but I will be out of town on that day…..


Everybody that worked the event!!

Yes! 2 Lexie Brindle

What a huge gathering and great success. I am amazed at how big of an event it is and how it comes together in such a short amount of time

There definitely needs to be a volunteer coordinator, I think things will go more smoothly if there were a singular person directing everybody to where they needed to go.

Tina & her wife Mary are just awesome and so dedicated and hard working

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RSVP # Name Festival Memories Suggestions Volunteer Shoutouts Share Your Photos

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