Generation Plus Holds Virtual Meeting: Making Your Vote Count

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Our September 16 Generation Plus Virtual Meetup focused on voting essentials. Absentee voters will love the new tracking tool.

On September 16, Generation Plus held its second virtual meeting with Corrine Duncan, Director of Buncombe County Elections. Corrine highlighted important information for voters:


  • October 9: deadline for registration through internet and paper applications.
  • October 15 – Oct 31: Individuals can go to early voting sites and register to vote.

Absentee Ballots

Voting can be done by absentee ballots which has increased for the county. Individuals can request an absentee ballot by mail or via the link on Buncombe County Vote site.

  • Oct 27: final day to request an absentee ballot.
  • Nov 3: Absentee ballots must be postmarked by 5 pm on election day or delivered in person to a Board of Elections office by 5 pm.
  • Nov 6: All ballots delivered by US mail will be counted (if postmarked Nov 3).

Mailing: It is important to get your absentee ballot in early to avoid any delays in the postal service delivery. Use a 55 cent post stamp.

Drop-Off: You can drop off your absentee ballot in person or you can have a near relative deliver your ballot for you. If delivered by a near-relative that person will fill out an affidavit to confirm their identity. Dop-off Locations: NC Board of Elections Office Addresses | NC Early Voting Sites

Tracking: Once you have requested an absentee ballot, you can track it through ballottrax. You can opt in for text or email updates. It will indicate when your ballot is: 1. on its way to you, 2. picked up by post office, 3. received by BOE, and 4. accepted by BOE.

Changing Your Mind: If you request an absentee ballot and change your mind on the method of voting you can go in person to vote, early or on election day. Please do not send in the absentee ballot and go in person to vote. You only get one vote. Polling sites have curbside voting services for individuals who need assistance.

Early Voting

  • Oct 15 – Oct 31:  Locations for early voting can be found at NC Early Voting Sites.
  • Early voting sites will be open Monday-Friday, 8AM till 7:30PM. Saturday and Sunday from 10AM till 3PM. The last Saturday for early voting the polling sites will be open from 8AM – 3PM.

Election Day Voting

  • Election day polling sites will be open from 6:30AM – 7:30PM.

Safety: In this time of Covid-19 many measures will be used to protect citizens. Individuals are asked to wear a mask covering. If you do not have a mask cover, they will be available at the polling site. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the polling sites. Distancing measures will be adhered to by each person understanding their individual responsibility. Six (6) feet distancing is recommended.

Once a person votes the voting station will be wiped down completely to ensure sanitizing is done correctly. Each person will receive a pen for their personal use when voting. Pens will not be re-used. While masks cannot legally be mandated all citizens are encouraged to use a mouth covering.

For more information please visit the county website at or for statewide information.


Generation Plus (GP) seeks to enrich the lives of LGBTQIA+ and allied community adults in Western North Carolina who are living life’s third act, the years beyond fifty. With aging in rural LGBTQIA+ communities posing unique opportunities and challenges, GP seeks to leverage the power of community by connecting community members and area service partners.

The group conducts monthly virtual meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at noon to address issues and topics of current interest to an aging population. Future meetings will cover topics such as cutting out the confusion of the voting process, dating and isolation, health topics, COVID-19, and more. Sign up by visiting our Facebook Events page.


Butch Thompson – Interim Generation Plus Program Director & Board of Directors President

The Blue Ridge Pride Center is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equality, safety, and quality of life for Western North Carolina’s LGBTQIA and allied communities, working as a united community through advocacy, celebration, education, and service. Our vision is to promote and create an inclusive community, where people are embraced for who they are and welcome to engage and contribute.

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