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Thomas ThurstonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (928) 254-1305 | City/ST/Zip: Arden North Carolina 28704/

Interests: Anything to help people

Background: Retired lawyer; speaks some spanish

ContactedButch ThompsonSent email to schedule chat 3-2903/25/2303/29/23
Martin BlannEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 778-0107 | City/ST/Zip: Weaverville North Carolina 28787

Interests: Utilizing our Pride Employee Resource Group to engage with the local community, centering around volunteer initiatives and activities that support our local LGBTQIA+.

Background: Our purpose is to strengthen Ally and employee engagement through programs and events for our LGBTQ+ community, friends, families, and allies. We are committed to developing our LGBTQ+ diversity while advocating for equity and inclusiveness in the workplace and local communities.

Available anytime Sundays and Mondays

ContactedButch ThompsonSent email to schedule chat 3/2903/23/2303/29/23
R. David ScherrerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (407) 421-3887 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Motivational Speaking - Art Therapist - Artist

Background: Im an award winning international artist showing both US and Europe. Also speak on motivational life coaching issues and working people to show them how to use Art as therapy for dealing with life's challenges.

ContactedButch ThompsonSent email to schedule chat 3-2903/23/2303/29/23
R. David ScherrerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (407) 421-3887 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Motivational Speaking - Art Therapist - Artist

Background: Im an award winning international artist showing both US and Europe. Also speak on motivational life coaching issues and working people to show them how to use Art as therapy for dealing with life's challenges.

ContactedButch Thompson03/23/2303/29/23
R GEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (309) 296-7922 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28805



ContactedButch ThompsonSent email to schedule chat 3-2903/21/2303/29/23
Jaron JamisonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 460-6169 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: I am open to the different opportunities that you all might have for volunteers. I just want to get involved with serving the local community and connect with others!

Background: I have a lot of experience with social media and music. I went to fashion school and after school I worked for a global organization running their social media accounts and a music program they had.

ContactedButch Thompson3/22-Met with Jaron-Place him with Social Media (Insta), also he will fix FB/YouTube/Insta connections- allow him passwords then change passwords once things are working correctly- interested in doing reels, discussed using him for GenPlus Awareness Video- Butch to follow up on that with him- Butch to connect he and Rosie via email for Insta support.Hi there, Thanks for submitting your volunteer application. Honestly, we sure could use some help with social media. When is a good time for us to chat on the phone or meet in person to discuss our needs and how to move forward?03/13/2303/22/23
Drew WalleyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 777-9166 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28804

Interests: I’m a musician, and comedian. So I’d love to perform at events or fundraisers. I’m also really good at promoting events, am super friendly, and personable with people. Very passionate about food drives drives, and am an advocate for helping addicts.

Background: I went to Berklee College of music and have toured internationally in bands. For a few years I’ve been doing comedy as well. Lately I’ve felt the urge to be more involved in my community. In Asheville I’m a very known musician, and I’m very visible. There needs to be more trans voices heard

ContactedRosie Bullock03/11/2303/15/23
Jess MyerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 777-3161 | City/ST/Zip: Hendersonville North Carolina 28792

Interests: I'd love to help with photo/video, oral history interviewing, and events!

Background: I am in need of queer community and interested in helping to build it up for others as well. I am an amateur photographer, an outdoor educator, and have a lot of energy for community events. I can be reached any time by email, or by phone in the evenings.

ContactedRosie Bullock03/10/2303/15/23
Sara RussellEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (843) 276-6612 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Any and all! I am physically able to do manual labor. Currently a leader at CompostNow.

Background: My partner and I met at a local GSA in Charleston, SC 10 years ago while I was in the process of coming out. Relying on the support of my community during this time was so invaluable. I want to get back involved in my community in any manner.

Best way to reach me is via email or phone. I work M-F 9-5 but I can be flexible with this schedule if there are ops

Ana RibeiroEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (786) 227-7292 | City/ST/Zip: Hendersonville and Asheville North Carolina 28792

Interests: Yes Parade

Background: Best way to contact me through my phone 786-227-7292

Bryan WilsonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 493-2515 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28805


Background: I currently work at Givens Estates Retirement community. I am an Independent Living Social Worker. I work with residents on care management/ navigation, aging with choice, and other supports/ resources once they move to the retirement community.

ContactedButch ThompsonSent email asking for best time to call or meet and interview02/23/2303/02/23
Bob DayEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 277-6612 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Mentoring and befriending a gay male coming out late in life (closeted or not); helping with and donating to Blue Ridge Pride parade; possibly other volunteer opportunities as suggested.

Background: I came out at age 48 and am now retired, and in a long-term long distance relationship with a terminally ill partner. I have been an AVL homeowner since 1998 and have volunteered with two AIDS organizations and Loving Food Resources previously including serving as a buddy/mentor with WNCAP. During my career, I worked as a professional administrator in community colleges in other states and relate well to others. You can reach me best by email during your working hours. I currently volunteer with a few non-profits here (Manna Food Bank, Riverlink, etc.) but have time to work with you also.

ContactedButch Thompson3/22 Email sent requesting time to meet-02/14/2303/22/23
Ryo LucixEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (910) 859-0307 | City/ST/Zip: Charlotte North Carolina 28216

Interests: Any digital support work or research

Background: I grew up in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, and there was no queer community when I was younger. I’m passionate about helping foster a thriving queer community in the blue ridge. I’ve lived in Charlotte, NC for 9 years. I was a digital marketing support specialist and data reviewer for 4 years until 2022, and recently have been doing freelance web design projects. I’m creative and love problem solving. My email ( ryolucix@gmail.com) is the best way to reach me currently due to my work schedule but I am off work most days after 7 for a phone call.

ContactedRosie Bullockcontacted for web development02/02/2303/15/23
Liz YoungEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (203) 376-2546 | City/ST/Zip: Candler North Carolina 28715

Interests: I’m not sure at the moment.

Background: I want to meet new people in the LGBT+ community and thought this would be a good way to do that.

I have experience with organization and office work.

JULIAN MARBUTEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 684-1133 | City/ST/Zip: ARDEN North Carolina 28704



Keith Robinette11/16/2211/17/22
Whitney SwensonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (508) 686-6518 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28805

Interests: I am a voracious reader with a particular interest in LGBTQ+ fiction and memoir as a way for kids and young adults especially to see themselves represented on the page. I also feel as a parent is it is important for them to read these books to help better understand their children. And frankly, for those not under the LGBTQ+ umbrella
to learn and foster greater understanding and acceptance. I am pulling together a list of books I have read and wondered if there was a way it might be useful to you. Also, I have thoughts of starting a book group for kids and/or parents.

Background: I have always been an ally and passionate about LGBTQ+ rights. My 18 yo son recently came out so now I also have a child who is LGBTQ+.
I have a very flexible schedule and can be reached via phone or text at 508-686-6518. Email is also great. whitlovesbooks@gmail.com

ContactedKeith Robinette11/6-initial email sent11/04/2211/06/22
Be GibneyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (585) 217-2686 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28806

Interests: Programs that interest me: Festival /Events, Generation Plus, Oral History, Advocacy, and Community Service Projects

Particular Skill / Role Sets I Have: Writing, Editing, Photography, Videography, Data Entry, People & Project Management

Background: I'm a queer married 41-year-old woman. My wife and I have a sweet lil doggo and live in West Asheville. We both used to work in the service industry here in Asheville. Since the pandemic, we both now work from home and are really missing people/community and looking for ways to connect outside of bars.

I have a pretty wide range of experience professionally, and I have an even wider range of interests! I have sent an email expressing my interest in being an Oral History Interviewer, but I have experience in events, admin, social media, photography, Ops, et al.

I am really looking for just about any way to serve my community!

The best way to reach me is by text as I turn email notifications off on weekends. However, Mon-Fri email gets checked constantly, so either is great! 🙂

ContactedKeith Robinette10/23-initial email sent as well as text beginning of the week; follow up text sent on 11/7. Be was speaking with Amanda about Oral History and this may be the only interest that she wishes to become involved.10/22/2211/15/22
Holly SimmsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 702-5771 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Writing and editing are my main interest. I don’t know beans about web design though I’m willing to learn.

Background: I am a writer and lately, quite a lazy one. My work has been published in many magazines and anthologies. I’ve been the recipient of awards locally and nationally and that concludes the swimsuit portion of the pageant, for I don’t want you thinking that I’m a better writer and editor than I am.

My ways are quiet and my energies are limited, which means that I’m not one to be out-front engaging in public rah-rahs or calling up strangers for this or that. Let’s leave that to the social queens and enthusiastic extroverts in the family. My health restricts my ability to do deep-dives but I believe I’d enjoy contributing through the mysterious back channels of writing and editing to further Blue Ridge Pride’s causes.

Now that I have thrown a lot of obstacles your way, if you still think there’s a place for me as a volunteer, give me a call! Afternoons and early evenings are best for me.

ContactedKeith Robinette10/23-sent initial email, but will reach out by phone beginning of the week; follow up text sent 11/7. On 11/12, Holly responded and said she was going to wait until the 1st of next year to begin volunteering.10/14/2211/15/22
Lisa DiBernardoEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (717) 471-2824 | City/ST/Zip: Woodstock New York 19248

Interests: I’m a practicing lawyer in Pa for 34 yrs and my wife and I are moving to Asheville end of October. For our LGBTQ + community I run the Name Change program, guiding and shepherding folx through this essential part of their journey to authenticity. Would Lov to learn your area’s reqs and dive in! Will help in any way! Thanks for all you do!

Background: Cell number any time!

ContactedKeith Robinette10/23-sent initial email to set up time to talk, will reach out by phone beginning of the week; text message sent 11/709/23/2211/07/22
Jane MaloneEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 220-1170 | City/ST/Zip: Arden North Carolina 28704

Interests: Blue Ridge Pride Festival & Welcoming WNC Procession. Photographer/Videographer

Background: I want to photograph during the "Photographers / Videographers SHIFT 2, from 2-7 PM" on 24 September. I am available for 2 hours, between 6-8:00 PM.

Can I include my photographs or videos in my portfolio? Will I need release forms for individuals? Are there any limitations on use?

Thank you. Jane

PlacedBRPC AdminConnected to photography team08/15/2208/23/22
Melissa HoskinsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (239) 980-2766 | City/ST/Zip: Fletcher North Carolina 28732

Interests: Events, community service projects

Background: As a queer member of Asheville it has been on my heart to become a part of the LGBTQ community in some fashion. I enjoy volunteering with other groups like food connection and transformation village, but desire community here as well. I look forward to the fun and service that I can be a part of. I can be reached in my cell. I usually work 7-5:30, but will call back or respond to emails as promptly as I can.

ContactedKeith Robinette8/19-Inital email sent, I will be talking with Melissa on 8/2508/10/2208/22/22
Jennifer Kass-GreenEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (336) 529-8126 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Would be interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

Background: At Explore Asheville and in my personal life I'm interested in uplifting and co-creating with the LGBTQ+ community of Asheville and WNC. I can be reached by email or phone.

PlacedButch ThompsonMet with Jenn. She submitted bio. I sent to BOD for review. Will bring up for vote07/19/2208/10/22
Christine La FeminaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 390-1332 | City/ST/Zip: Morganton North Carolina 28655

Interests: Security

Background: I am interested in any type of security related role in this years festival. I was supposed to volunteer last year and the year prior but the pandemic caused the events to be cancelled.

ContactedKeith Robinette7/18-I spoke with Christine on 5/18/22 and discussed the interest in Pride security. I will reach back out update on any information. Is there someone who needs to talk to her about this?07/17/2207/18/22
Amber AddisonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (252) 207-5466 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28806

Interests: Pride Fest

Background: Hello!

I am a store manager at Starbucks in the Asheville area. I was reaching out about how we can volunteer for Pride Fest in September! I would love to be able to set up a booth to give away water and iced coffee. Or if there is something else you need volunteers for? Please let me know as Starbucks would love to get involved. Thanks!

ContactedKeith Robinette7/16-initial email sent07/13/2207/16/22
Mary ClarkEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (649) 807-5013 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28805



ContactedKeith Robinette6/27-Initial email sent; 7/16-no response yet 06/26/2207/16/22
 Name EmailCustom Content Status Reviewer Review Notes Applied Updated
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