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Mary ClarkEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (649) 807-5013 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28805



ContactedKeith Robinette6/27-Initial email sent 06/26/2206/27/22
Lindsay MurdockEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (240) 566-2122 | City/ST/Zip: Weaverville North Carolina 28787

Interests: I’ve coordinated and volunteered at plenty of different non-profit events including Bozeman Pride, so I’m happy to help at any events.

I also work in a compliance/ project management role and am happy to assist with writing and project management as needed.

Background: I’m newer to the area and want to find new ways to impact the local community in a positive way. I’ve been volunteering for 16 years in different capacities including serving on boards, fundraising, and event planning, and am happy to help in any way I can.

ContactedKeith Robinette6/27-Initial email sent06/25/2206/27/22
Andrew SelkingEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (803) 465-1313 | City/ST/Zip: Franklin North Carolina 28734

Interests: I want to be a visible supporter in my small town and participate in events and community service projects.

Background: Cell phone is the best way to reach me.

ContactedKeith Robinette6/14-Initial email sent; 6/27-no response as of today. I will reach out one more time 06/13/2206/27/22
Ashley CarrEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (478) 283-8013 | City/ST/Zip: Alexander North Carolina 28701


Background: Hello! I am the therapist at a men's recovery program here in Asheville. I have a client who is very interested in getting involved volunteering in the LGBTQA+ community. His name is Caden Lucas and his email is clucas2021@gmail.com. Please let him know how he can help out! Thanks so much!

PlacedKeith Robinette6/14-Initail email sent:6/16-Caden is very interested in whatever is needed. I will be continuing the conversation with him and what fits with his vision06/10/2206/27/22
david krimmEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (270) 945-6308 | City/ST/Zip: asheville North Carolina 28806


Background: A student, moved here to Asheville a yr ago, email is the best way to reach me. want to meet and volunteer with others in the community.

ContactedKeith Robinette5/31/22-contacted by email;6/27-no response as of today05/26/2206/27/22
Ron TurnerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (954) 579-0588 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Oral History

Background: This record entered by Tina after talking to Ron. He and his partner of 40 years moved here from Florida. (He is 75) He recently volunteered as a greeter at the YWCA but didn't find it interesting. I described our opportunities. He is especially interested in Oral History. He says that someone will need to help him to understand how to use the technology.
He used to run an assisted living facility in Pompano Beach and a bistro.

ContactedA WrayApplication sent to Amanda05/13/2205/18/22
Katie CarusoEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (919) 667-5773 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28804

Interests: I am interested in volunteering in whatever capacity I can be of the most help. I am especially excited about opportunities to engage with community events and members and focus on areas including writing and communications.

Background: I am hoping to become more involved in the LGBTQIA+ community in western North Carolina and am so excited about the possibility of volunteering with Blue Ridge Pride. I studied biology and religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and since graduating, I have worked roles related to conservation and the environment. I also have experience in communications and community organizing. Email is the best way to reach me, and I am available anytime over email.

PlacedKeith RobinetteI spoke with Katie today via email and set up an interview for this Friday 5/20 at 1pm. My conversation with Katie was great. She is excited to become involved with BRP and open to any events that come up outside of her work schedule. She will be a great voluteer.04/26/2206/27/22
Athena kinchEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 230-8040 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28806

Interests: Festival /events

Background: Email or phone and day or evening is fine.

PlacedKeith Robinette5/18/22 Emailed to set up some time for an interview to discuss interests04/17/2206/27/22
Lori MillerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 421-0867 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28808

Interests: I volunteered on the past for volunteer check in. Early in the day is better for me.

Background: My daughter came out as trans 5 years ago when she lived in Asheville. I wanted to attend Blue Ridgewell Pride celebration with her but she asked me to stay home. When she moved away I volunteered to help with volunteer check in and gave Free Mom Hugs the rest of the day.

ContactedKeith Robinette5/18/22 Reached out by email to see about setting up a time for an interview to discuss interests04/16/2205/18/22
Leene HermannEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (124) 885-5499 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28806


Background: My main focus is to meet other older lesbians and help out with whatever you need.

ContactedKeith RobinetteTina spoke to her. Interested in Generation Plus. Keith following up. 5/23/22-Sent her an email to follow up by setting a time to talk.04/13/2205/23/22
Gina DuncanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (407) 222-2069 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Programs
Speakers Bureau

Background: Reach me anytime.

PlacedButch Thompson1/10/22 Emailed to set up meeting.01/07/2202/25/22
Gina DuncanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (407) 222-2069 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Programs
Speakers Bureau

Background: Reach me anytime.

PlacedButch ThompsonMoved back to Florida01/07/2205/11/22
Tate PowellEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 405-8790 | City/ST/Zip: Waynesville North Carolina 28786

Interests: I am interested in Oral History, community service projects, and advocacy programs.

Background: I am particularly interested in the oral history program because it would be interesting to hear the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in WNC. I feel like our history has been silenced on many fronts and I want to be a part of the revival of these stories. I'm also interested in any community service projects and advocacy programs. The best way to reach me is by email (tatepow@gmail.com) and I am available to correspond at any time.

ContactedKeith Robinette5/18/22 Reached out by email to see about an interview to discuss interests and opportunities. It seems he is very interested with the Oral History Program;6/27-Sent to A Wray for further interview11/08/2106/27/22
Meredith HammondEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 775-8694 | City/ST/Zip: Mars Hill North Carolina 28754


Background: I work with Social Work Students here at Mars Hill University who are interested in completing their junior and senior field internships within your program and would love the opportunity to speak with you about those programs and students to see if you might be interested in possibly hosting a student in the spring. I can be reached on my cell at 828-775-8694 or my office number at 828-689-1336.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Meredith Hammond

ContactedKeith RobinetteButch: 5-11-2022 Never responded to email sent 10/25 sent email requesting time to chat; 5/18/22 Sent out email to try and set up a time to talk.09/27/2105/23/22
Joanne FoxEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (980) 230-9198 | City/ST/Zip: I grew up in Brick, NJ but just moved to Asheville North Carolina 97215

Interests: I am new to the area so don’t know enough about the needs and programs

Background: I am retired from working in a corporate job with experience in accounting, budgeting, planning, purchasing. I also have interest in making art, gardening, cooking, photography. I am a facilitator of an amazing process of self discovery called SoulCollage®️. I would love to share my skills with your organization.
PS - I am a late in life lesbian, having come out at age 54. I am also a mom to an amazing 27 year old who lives in the Asheville area. I just moved here from Portland, OR.

Not Reviewedkarob@blueridgepride.orgHas not responded as of 5/11/22. Reach out 1 more time, interested to see if she would like to discuss Board of Directors opportunitiesEmailed 10-6 asking for time/day to contact and talk on the phone.5/23/22-emailed to see if still interested in volunteering.09/21/2105/23/22
Burt WeissmanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 692-8657 | City/ST/Zip: Flat Rock North Carolina 28731


Background: Have timeandmoney

ContactedKeith RobinetteEmailed 10-6 asking for best time to chat over the phone. 5/18/22 reached out by email to set up time to talk09/02/2105/18/22
Mason StameyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 550-9971 | City/ST/Zip: Canton North Carolina 28716


Background: I’m interested in being involved in the LGBTQ community and helping out. I wanna meet like minded people like me. Best time to reach me is anytime throughout the week between 12pm-2pm.

ContactedKeith Robinette5/18/22 reached out by email to set up time to talk08/31/2105/18/22
Catherine BuxhoevedenEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (631) 804-3228 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28704

Interests: People and project management

Background: My career was in Planning and Design commercial office space..and project management!!
As well as Real Estate Agent and Senior Fitness Trainer

I can be reached either by email or cellphone..

ContactedKeith Robinette5/18/22 reached out by email to set up a time to talk. 5/25/22-unable to volunteer at this time, but will reach out if things change.08/27/2105/25/22
Fiona YoungEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (440) 539-9352 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801


Background: Given my age My interest is directed toward Generation Plus.
Usually The best time to reach me is in the late morning or 3-5 PM.

PlacedButch ThompsonGeneration Plus08/27/2109/07/21
Brea KuykendallEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 582-4760 | City/ST/Zip: Fairview North Carolina 28730



PlacedButch ThompsonGeneration Plus08/19/2108/19/21
Dakota WilliamsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 337-3531 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina Asheville

Interests: This is a simple inquiry into how I can help out with the LGBTQ center here in Asheville. I've volunteered with Trevor Project in the past and found it tremendously rewarding. I'm also an Asheville native and would like to have an impact on fostering the gay community I wish I'd had growing up.

Background: I'm a software engineer during the day but generally interested in getting involved. I'm easiest to reach by email.

ContactedButch ThompsonUPDATE-call to talk on date set up, did not answer and voicemail box fullUPDATE-He rescheduled-UPDATE- 8/19/2021 email sent to schedule time to chat08/18/2109/07/21
Vance GoodmanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 253-8024 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Generation Plus Events - Pride Time facilitation
I am good at writing/editing/data entry and project management

Background: I am currently on the Generation Plus planning committee; I can be reached most of the time and respond well to emails.

PlacedButch ThompsonGeneration Plus08/17/2108/17/21
Bob TomasuloEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 551-4064 | City/ST/Zip: Hendersonville North Carolina 28792


Background: I participate in the partnership between AARP and Blue Ridge Pride. Special interest in aging issues.

PlacedButch ThompsonGeneration Plus08/17/2108/17/21
Jennifer TeagueEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (828) 773-0139 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28803

Interests: Generation Plus

Background: connection to the work of Age-Friendly

PlacedButch ThompsonGeneration Plus and Development for Grant writing08/17/2108/17/21
Danny MuseEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Phone: (252) 670-7203 | City/ST/Zip: Asheville North Carolina 28801

Interests: Business Alliance; Fund Raising; Lead positions; Happy to help in whatever way we can! Spoke to Butch about volunteering.


PlacedTinaWhiteBRP Festival and BIA- Tina sent email connecting Chris T. with Danny08/13/2108/17/21
 Name EmailCustom Content Status Reviewer Review Notes Applied Updated
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Mental Health Providers

Eric Davis  MS, LCPA, NCC, Counselor

Willow Wellness and Recovery, PC 9 All Souls Crescent  Suite B, Asheville, North Carolina 28803  Phone: (828) 490-4137 | Website I am a firm believer in empowerment and self-determination. In the past, I have worked well with folks experiencing a range of issues, such as anxiety, depression, substance-use, sleep disturbances, relationship issues, and issues unique to the LGBT community.

Scott Thomas,  Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, LCAS

Silver Lining Therapy 70 Woodfin Place  STE 21, Asheville, North Carolina 28801  Phone: (828) 705-3084 | Website I believe humor can be a powerful tool for healing and seek to incorporate this into our time together. Unique to my practice is an approach that truly puts you at the center of the counseling experience, and I draw from a wide variety of techniques to help you see and experience real change in your life. To see if therapy might be a good fit, I offer free phone consultations.

James Harrison, PhD Psychologist

12 Westridge Dr , Asheville, North Carolina 28803  Phone: (828) 348-6300 | Website I enjoy helping people achieve physical and emotional intimacy whether they are young or old, straight or gay, in healthy, responsible, and mutually affirming ways. I also enjoy helping people improve their earning and manage their assets. And I like working with older people. I offer free phone consultations.

Judy Maris, Counselor, LPC, LCPC, MA, MS

Maris Psychotherapy 41 Clayton St, Suite 301, Asheville, North Carolina 28801  Phone: (828) 537-4489 | Website We can explore troublesome patterns that tend to repeat themselves in your life or look at new issues that have just come up. The important thing is for us to work together to get to the bottom of your difficulties and resolve them. I will assist you in becoming more aware of what you are feeling and thinking in the present moment. The untapped wisdom within you is a powerful healing force. Let me help you gain access to your full inner resources. I offer free phone consultations.

Elizabeth Heaney, Counselor, MA, LPC 

166 E Chestnut Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28801  Phone: (520) 447-3319 | Website I work with individual adults with concerns like: family history issues, relationship concerns, life satisfaction issues (related to jobs, living situations or relationships), anxiety and depression. I’ve had a particular focus on working with couples, addressing every aspect of relationship challenges – relationship dissatisfaction/boredom, affairs, sexual/intimacy issues, etc. And I was a civilian counselor on military bases for several years, so I have a clear understanding of the unique pressures and challenges facing service members and families. I offer free phone consultations.

Siljoy Maurer

Holistic Perspectives P.O. Box 333, Enka, NC 2872  Phone: (828) 333-0103  | siljoy@me.com or  www.HolisticPerspectives.com For many years now I have been mentoring men and women from all walks of life. It continues to be my greatest joy to accompany someone from “just being ok” into thriving! As a Mentor & Healer I partner with my clients in creating authenticity, wellness and deep contentment, in whatever area of their lives they are seeking change. The combination of giving very practical, livable tools for direct “next steps” while “holding the big picture” and then manifesting that big picture often feels like this: a new client brings me their life or life situation in a jigsaw puzzle box, they lost the lid and forgot what the picture on it looked like. I am good at knowing that picture and then guiding my clients/mentees to put all the puzzle pieces together.  

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