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Generation Plus CommitteeTodd Couchman09/27/22

I am interested in getting involved with Blue Ridge Pride. And being a 55+ gay male myself, this would be a good option I feel.

Director, Virtual Center ContentDaniel Brawand09/18/22

Hello! I'm a career changer from working as a user experience designer and product manager to a social worker and think this would be such an awesome opportunity for me to to blend my background working on websites with my passion for empowering our LGBTQIA+ community.

I have about 8 years of experience designing websites and working on user research to ensure content organization and placement is easy for people to find and accessible to all. I also am a published author and have an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing, so I'm very comfortable reviewing and considering the placement and quality / types of content ya'll put out there.

As a trans member of the community and someone that has focused my social work experience on working with folks in the LGBTQIA+ community, I think my lived experience and work in the community would lend itself well to your goals!

Please feel free to reach out if you think I might be a good fit! My schedule is very flexible so feel free to text or call me at 720-218-0439 anytime between the hours of 7AM and 9PM.

ButchMet Daniel- great person-sent email will f/u after the festival09/21/22
Festival Leads - Vendor Load-inBennett Lincoff08/25/22Bennett Lincoff01/20/23
Festival Lead - Photography / VideographyGary Crossey08/23/22Tina WhiteGary will lead our photographers.08/24/22
Oral History InterviewerLia Musante08/05/22

As a recently graduated college student I want to continue contributing to local community histories. For my senior thesis I conducted oral histories with long-time residents of two Denver neighborhoods and then compiled central lessons of the interviews into a zine. As a queer person considering moving to Asheville, I want to ground myself with the complex stories of fellow queers born and raised in the area.

I am best contacted by email anytime.

Photojournalists / VideographersDaniel Newsome05/25/22

I work in Marketing for Wpromote in analytics. I also have two years of experience in financial data analysis in consultancy and a bachelor's in statistics from the University of South Carolina. I have a specialization in video production, social media, and motion graphics. From 2017-2019 I ran a YouTube channel with 150,000+ subscribers and 7 million views. I speak intermediate/advanced Spanish and am happy to help out wherever, even if it is not within my speciality.

By the way, I'm the guy who is producing the video with Asheville City Soccer Club.

Director, Festival VolunteersJeffrey Rice05/11/22

I've never met a stranger. Helping others has always been a passion of mine. Being in Hospitality gives me an outlet to be who I am. So I do believe that would also carry over into this role as well. Organizing and getting people together is a strength for me. Example I have opened several Hotels and seen them go from the ground up. My current role I'm a Assistant General Manager for hotel so I am use to being able to direct and lead but also jump in where needed.

I also can be reached at anytime

TinaAssistaqnt GM at local Hampton Inn.08/20/22
Director, Virtual Center ContentLukman Awad05/09/22

I am interested in volunteering with Blue Ridge Pride as a bi trans person, looking to both give back to my community and build sustainable enterprises with my community. The Director of Virtual Center Content role appeals to me because I am highly organized and a strong team leader. I have worked several management positions in the food & beverage service industry. I am also highly attentive to detail, with a B.A. in Linguistics that has served me well in editing several published-by-author books, articles, and short stories. If the directorial position is no longer available, I would also enjoy volunteering as a Content Reviewer. I look forward to hearing back! Email is the easiest way to reach me, as my schedule is quite variable.

Oral History InterviewerKatie Caruso04/26/22

Hi Blue Ridge Pride! I hope to become more involved with the LGBTQIA+ community in western North Carolina, and I am really excited about the possibility of engaging with Blue Ridge Pride as an Oral History Interviewer or in whatever capacity I can be of the most help; I am particularly interested in long-term volunteer roles with Blue Ridge Pride. I studied biology and religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and since graduating from UNCA, I have worked in several positions related to conservation and the environment.

Oral History InterviewerCraig Varley02/04/22

I'm a librarian in Asheville. I've done some oral history interviewing for my old public library in Canaan, Vermont. Would love to help this great project.

Generation Plus CommitteeVance Goodman01/27/22

I am already on the committee but thought I would register myself. I facilitate the Pride Time gatherings and am open to other opportunities to serve.

Director, Festival VolunteersJacqueline Rollins01/25/22

My name is Jacqueline Rollins, and I'm interested in a volunteer role with Blue Ridge Pride. I grew up in Johnson City, TN. I left the NE TN / WNC region for several years while accruing credentials and accreditations, and returned home in the midst of Covid-19 as a woman to the surprise to my acquaintances.

Professionally, my role is that of a data scientist. I break apart complex problems and develop end-to-end solutions leading a team of insightful and talented individuals. In my personal life, I'm an avid musician and have personal connections to a number of local acts in the electronic and punk scenes in AVL. I also enjoy creating generative art with data science techniques.

As the Director of Festival Volunteers, I will be able to deliver a multifaceted, seamless experience for those working behind the scenes and attending the events. I provide structure to teams and operations and transparency with clear, concise, and consistent communication.

My email is jacqueline.rollins@icloud.com and my number is (423) 483-0892.

Kyla Williams01/20/23
Oral History InterviewerJanet Canfield12/13/21

Best way and time is phone call or text in the evening. Or anytime by email.

CommunicationsSteven Bohn08/19/21

I would like to shoot video for the festival again. I had a great time in 2019 and I know that coming into this years festival i will have a solid idea what to get in order to produce and edit some really good video afterwards.

Tina White08/19/21
Vendor Load-in LeadBennett Lincoff08/13/21

Per discussion with Tina, I will be there from 5:30 am till end of vendor load-in.

Tina White08/13/21
CommunicationsMax Taintor08/10/2101/20/23
Vendor Load-in LeadSteven Franklin08/10/21Tina White01/20/23
Oral History InterviewerAndrea Bonsignori07/01/21

I'm a 26 year old trans woman who just moved to the Asheville area and I'm looking for ways to get involved. I have a graduate degree in industrial psychology and I'm familiar with conducting interviews, so I was interested in becoming an interviewer for the oral history project. I'm passionate about LGBTQ history; it's often erased or kept hidden, but these stories deserve to be told. I can be reached on my email or cell phone, preferably in the afternoon. Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda Wray07/05/21
Photojournalists / VideographersErin Johnston06/29/21

I love shooting events and I think this one would be wonderful to shoot to showcase Asheville’s love and support of the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to being a teacher, I have 3 years of professional experience working as a photographer stringer shooting sports and events for the Lenoir News-Topic. I also just started my own photography business 531 Photography LLC. You can see examples of my work on my website 531photography.com which is also linked to my Instagram.
Best way to get ahold of me is by email anytime throughout the summer and after 3pm beginning in mid August.

Tina White07/05/21
Oral History InterviewerKay Seahaus06/22/21

This record transferred from our event signup sheet.

Amanda Wray06/22/21
Oral History IntervieweeTony Crawford06/11/21

I'm interested in sharing my life experiences in multiple facets of LGBT and professional life.
I want to document my evolution as a gay man from the rural mountains of Virginia who became a US Marine. I later joined and currently work in law enforcement. I married a transman. I am pursuing a PhD in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science with a focus involving the LGBT community.
If I am a good candidate for an interview, I can be reached Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm.

Amanda Wray06/22/21
Oral History IntervieweeDeAnne McCollum06/09/21

I am a transgender woman who came out as a gay male in 1986 in East Texas. I have been married (to as CIS) woman, dated men and women, been straight (ish) and gay, male and female. I have a story if you want to hear it.

Amanda Wray06/22/21
Director, Festival VolunteersJennifer Lutz06/09/21

Having moved from Atlanta to Asheville right before COVID-19 I haven't had the opportunity to dive into the LGBTQ+ community in Asheville yet, but am very interested in supporting the Blue Ridge Pride festival to make connections and grow community.

I have extensive experience in festival management, volunteer coordination, and event logistics. My former role was with Out Georgia, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce as the General Manager where we hosted 46 events a year, including a large conference and Atlanta Pride events.

I've also been part of the production team for Atlanta Pride, Dogwood Festival, EarthX, and Little Five Halloween Festival. As well as the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference, Disability:IN National Conference and Operation: Hope National Conference.

My current role at MANNA FoodBank as the Director of Agency Relations puts me at the center of food banking volunteerism in Western North Carolina.

I would be honored to lend my festival and organizational expertise to Blue Ridge Pride as the Director of Festival Volunteers. Making everyone feel special, united, and included in this awesome event would be my focus. Thank you for your consideration! Happy to share my full resume and references.

Tina WhiteJennifer will run the Festival Volunteers06/11/21
Oral History InterviewerKatie Seehaus05/25/21Transferred by Tina from signup system.05/25/21
 Position Applicant Applied Applicant Comments Reviewer Review Notes Updated
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