Asheville Women Outdoors

Group Type:  Shared Interest, Hobby

This group is for women who want to enjoy outdoor and social activities in and around the Asheville area and Western NC.

Targeted Audiences: Lesbian, Women / Female-Identified


Meetings / Initial ContactFor more information, register at the group’s meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Asheville-Women-Outdoors/

This group is for women who want to enjoy outdoor and social activities in and around the Asheville area and Western NC. Our events include activities such as hiking, kayaking, camping, tubing, picnics, day trips, potlucks, restaurant meals, concerts, live theatre, movies, happy hours, brewery tours, occasional charitable and advocacy events, and more. Most events are for adult women only. Occasionally, at the discretion of the event host, non-women and/or kids may be allowed as guests. Many events are dog-friendly. Events with food will typically have vegan options.

Our group is welcoming to all women from all walks of life — all ages, sexual orientations, races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, political affiliations, lifestyles, etc. Trans women are explicitly welcomed in this group. We value our diversity and encourage open, respectful dialogue. Members are expected to treat one another with civility and decency.

Not every event will appeal to every member, and that’s to be expected. If you have a complaint or question about an event, please contact the organizer directly. Remember that your organizer is a volunteer. If a particular event does not appeal to you for whatever reason, perhaps another event will.

For safety and security reasons, and so we know who we are hiking with, we ask that you use your real first name as your profile name for this group, and that you post a real picture of yourself that shows your face as your profile picture. This will also help us all get to know one another and remember each other’s names and faces.

Some events may have an attendance cap due to limitations of the venue, limited parking, organizer preference or other factors. Please do not show up for an event unless you actually have a spot and are not on the wait list. Our organizers have wide latitude in setting up their events. Please respect the organizer’s decisions regarding location, time, attendance cap, activities, etc. and do not attempt to persuade them to change any event to make it more to your liking.

We ask that all members practice courtesy and remember to update RSVPs in a timely fashion when plans change. Don’t be a no-show! Habitual no-shows will be removed from the group.

We are looking for a few good organizers! If you are interested in organizing events for this group, please get in touch with Leslie via meetup message.

Links: Social Email

Address/City: Asheville, NC, USA

BRPC Support:  Festival Exhibitor, Welcoming WNC Procession Participant
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