JUFA – Just Us For All *

Group Type:  Civic, Service, Advocacy

Just Us For All is a group of Asheville, they are NC activists comprised of LGBTQIA+ folks. They are committed to creating change through community.

Targeted Audiences: LGBTQ+ Focused, LGBTQ-Welcoming


Our mission is to serve as a central point of exchange for a kaleidoscope of issues that impact the Asheville queer community. In our work, we give under represented LGBTQ people a voice and a home. JUFA is intersectional and nobody is pushed aside in
Short Term Goals:
-Work with queer youth
-Put on fundraising events that benefit and reflect on the community in a positive way as well as educate people about the queer ideology
– Inform the LGBTQIA community about issues that pertain to them
-Work on monthly speaker meetings
Long Term Goals:
– Be seen as a helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful point of communication within the community and be utilized as a place to take questions about anything queer-related in the community.
– Network with other LGBTQ groups in the area and maintain strong alliances with them.
– Create a sustainable queer halfway house in the area
– Open an LGBTQIA community space

Links: Social Email

Address/City: Asheville, NC, USA

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