LGBTQ Women of Asheville *

Group Type:  Virtual Group (Only)

This LGBTQ Women of Asheville group is intended to be an inspirational, empowering, holistic community circle of sacred women supporting each other in a safe space of unity and solidarity.

Targeted Audiences: Lesbian, Queer / Non-Binary, Women / Female-Identified


All lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, other identified, and label-free women are welcome here. So are straight women who are our allies!!! This group is fully inclusive of all spiritual paths, religions, and political affiliations, and space is held for deep respect for differences. Please feel free to share events, news, music, art, poetry, videos, photos, and whatever moves you! Topics such as spirituality, health, personal growth, sexual orientation, sexuality, coming out, and relationships, as well as healing from homophobia, heteronormativity, social injustice, and inequality,  are encouraged. This is intended to be a comfy place for personal open sharing and friendship.

Links: Social Email

Address/City: Asheville, NC, USA

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