Phoenix Transgender Support *

Group Type:  Peer Support

Phoenix Transgender Support is an empowerment/ support group based in Asheville, North Carolina for Cross-dressers, Transsexuals, Transfeminine, Transmasculine, non-op, and others in the gender community, their partners, and supporters.

Targeted Audiences: Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender


Meetings / Initial Contact: Meetings every other month.

It is a non-sexual group that is supportive of gay/lesbian, straight, bi, and nonsexual orientation. They are not a dating or swingers group. They meet bi-monthly in a safe and discreet location which is revealed to prospective members after a phone or in-person interview. Also offers group support in a safe and relaxing atmosphere, also referrals to helping Professionals, and information about other groups and events in the Gender Community. They network with other support groups around the country. Some of the newer groups out there are modeled after the Phoenix group.

For more information about the Phoenix Transgender Support Group in the Asheville area please contact    Jessica Britton at   JessicaAsh@aol.com

Links: Social Website Email

Address/City: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

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