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Tina White, Part 2

Tina describes her coming out experience and the efforts her family made to adapt.

Allison Scott 

Direct Links to Segments: Introduction | Revitalization of Asheville and Being Queer in that Time | Coming Out | Community Spaces Growing Up | Historical and Current Bias Against Trans Community | Centering Marginalized Voices in Social Justice Movements | Trans Visibility | On the Backs of Those Who Came Before | An Activist to be Remembered | Life View …

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Jessica Britton

Jessica, a proud transgender veteran, was a co-founder of one of the earliest transgender organizations in the country. She offers the perspective of one who has watched our community and the transgender rights movement evolve over several decades.

Antiga, Part 1

An Asheville native comes out as a lesbian after 22 years of marriage. She becomes immersed int he women’s movement and returns to her roots in WNC.

Matthew Alvarez

A pansexual queer shares their struggles with stigma and the role that DRAG has played in helping them to discover and express themselves.

Barbara Bell

Meet a nurse who stepped up big time during the HIV/AIDS crisis while serving at VA hospitals in North Carolina.

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