Interview with KP Whaley

During this series of chats from the LGBTQ community, we’ve heard from local leaders and influencers who have left us feeling inspired. Today we interviewed KP Whaley. KP has created a life in service through public and community broadcasting. He is also dedicated to sustainability: He and his husband run a small diversified farm in Hendersonville.

Learn more about KP and his work in our LGBTQ+ community via this link.[0]=AZXnWuytNW1qN0-A5SlTSfFsCpOLTLYD_TIMVLjRmsLlZlroIsyPTI2Xxj54fDlBcQzObOKRmpfZBo-WJne9RyH06JKWu62F6JC2C5C9mvLX9zivJ1JmVY_fMnRpwgWh06Tb1zZkZC1Oozi5gUfJEramXOlkywevQUqVr9estLqjzl3PIE9ugjzATreJEQAK4fBuIvMWVzF0hDma9rW6yeN2&__tn__=-UK-R


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