June Gayby-Sitters Club meetup

Announcing the June Gayby-Sitters Club meetup- Pride party edition! 🌈🎉 Y’all means all in this group.☺️ This is a free monthly meetup social group for Asheville queer, trans, gender non-confirming, and questioning parents of kiddos from pregnancy to beginning school age.

We aim to help folks find community throughout the young years of their littles and through pregnancy/gestation as well. This is a place for meeting new friends, to bring your kids, to relax, and to SAY GAY all over the place.

We are an inclusive group and promote inclusive language: birthing person, body/chest feeding, pregnancy/gestation, and more. We respect pronouns and expect attendees to do the same.

At meetups we encourage social distancing and/or mask usage depending on current COVID transmission rates. If folks choose to wear masks please respect their space and decision to do so.

Your group’s hosts are two queer full-spectrum doulas based in Asheville:

Paulina (they/them) @anam.cara.birth.wellness and Lainie (she/her) @lainiebeebirth

We can’t wait to meet y’all! The link to this event is in Paulina’s IG bio or you can visit the link in the post.

To stay up to date with upcoming events & to chat with folks you’ve met, join our Facebook Group: The Gayby-Sitters Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegaybysittersclub

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