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Antiga, Part 1

An Asheville native comes out as a lesbian after 22 years of marriage. She becomes immersed int he women’s movement and returns to her roots in WNC.

Interview Date:  September 9, 2019

Interviewer:  Miriam

Interview Length (HH:MM): 1:06

Topics Covered: Coming Out / Early Experiences | Equity & Justice - Women | Inspirations / Mentors / Leaders | LGBTQ Childhoods | LGBTQ Dating / Couples / Marriage / Children | Names / Pronouns / Labels | On Being LGBTQ

Antiga was born in 1932 in the old mission hospital in Asheville, NC. Her father was 25 years older than her mother when she born. Antiga’s upbringing was shaped by her tumultuous relationship with her anti-Semitic father which would build the foundation of her activism. After graduating from Stephen’s Lee High School, she moved to Ohio where she attended Worcester college for two years before transferring to UNC Chapel Hill. At UNC Chapel Hill she met her husband in the school cafeteria to whom she was married to for 22 years. After realizing she preferred women over men, she left her husband. Since coming out as lesbian, she has been active in the women’s movement. Antiga finally found her way back to the mountains of Western North Carolina after living much of her adult life elsewhere. Since being back in Asheville, Antiga has been a mentor and leader in the local LGBTQIA+ community.

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Introductions | History of Childhood | Nuclear Family, Was-Band, and Children | Divorce, Relationships, and Coming Out | Politics of Being a Lesbian | Inspiration and Mentors | Back to Asheville | Growing Up with “Two Mothers” | Current Needs of Asheville Lesbians | Politics of Last Names Family Politics, Lesbian Politics, Inspirations & Mentors, Names and Pronouns

Outline of the Interview

Introductions | History of Childhood | Nuclear Family, Was-Band, and Children | Divorce, Relationships, and Coming Out | Politics of Being a Lesbian | Inspiration and Mentors | Back to Asheville | Growing Up with "Two Mothers" | Current Needs of Asheville Lesbians | Politics of Last Names Family Politics, Lesbian Politics, Inspirations & Mentors, Names and Pronouns

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