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Antiga, Part 2

Antiga discusses her involvement in the women’s movement in greater depth, and the price she paid within her family circle.

Interview Date:  September 9, 2019

Interviewer:  Miriam

Interview Length (HH:MM): 1:29

Topics Covered: Equity & Justice - Women | Equity / Diversity / Privilege | LGBTQ Dating / Couples / Marriage / Children | Self-Acceptance / Depression / Inner Struggles

Antiga begins the continuation of her oral history interview by talking about the current state of patriarchy and feminism. As Antiga continues to talk about the feminism movement, she reveals the countless marital and family cost she incurred owing to her activism in the feminist movement. The most impactful of these costs was the loss of contact between she and her two sons. The focus shifts to women’s suffrage movement, and Antiga’s relationship with it. She reveals that her family has a long-standing relationship with the suffrage movement involving her mother and grandmother.
Antiga’s activism stretches far beyond just the feminist movement. She recalls a time she, along with her daughter, sued the Minnesota School Board regarding the disparity in funding for girl’s sport versus boys’ sports. As Antiga refocuses on feminism, she discusses her personal relationship between lesbianism and feminism and the political nature of it. Antiga explains a way of healing unresolved childhood trauma through a form of counseling called co-counseling.

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Politics of Last Names (continuation from previous interview) | The Current State of Feminism | The Cost of Feminism: Family Strife | The Women’s Suffrage Movement | Taking on the School Board in Minnesota | The Intersection of Lesbianism and Feminism | Artistic Endeavors | Being a Witch | Co-counseling and Reevaluation Counseling | Antiga’s Education, Marriage, and Motherhood | One More Song Names and Pronouns, Feminism, Pride in School, Mariage & Partners, Transition, Coping & Counseling

Outline of the Interview

Politics of Last Names (continuation from previous interview) | The Current State of Feminism | The Cost of Feminism: Family Strife | The Women's Suffrage Movement | Taking on the School Board in Minnesota | The Intersection of Lesbianism and Feminism | Artistic Endeavors | Being a Witch | Co-counseling and Reevaluation Counseling | Antiga's Education, Marriage, and Motherhood | One More Song Names and Pronouns, Feminism, Pride in School, Mariage & Partners, Transition, Coping & Counseling

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