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Barbara Bell

Meet a nurse who stepped up big time during the HIV/AIDS crisis while serving at VA hospitals in North Carolina.

Interview Date:  November 2, 2019

Interviewer:  Horace Vanderbilt

Interview Length (HH:MM): 00:46

Topics Covered: Community Needs / Services | Equity / Diversity / Privilege | Health / Healthcare / HIV/AIDS | Inspirations / Mentors / Leaders | LGBTQ Spaces / Events / Pride Festivals | Stigma / Isolation / Invisibility

Barbara Bell, a LGBTQIA ally who grew up in White Plains New York, went to nursing school in the 1960’s. Once graduating nursing school, she began working in the VA hospitals in North Carolina finally settling at the VA in Asheville. While working with the VA she began to become concerned with the treatment of many HIV/AIDS patients that came through the VA, especially the LGBTQIA patients and decided something needed to change. After realizing the mistreatment that was taking place, she worked with her boss to have to begin working these patients to provide better services and treatment during their stay at the VA and even after. This passion to help HIV/AIDS patients led her to begin working with a Food pantry dedicated to providing food and other necessities to people struggling with HIV and AIDS a place which is works tirelessly at even today.

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History and Passion | Involvement with the LGBT+ population in Western North Carolina | On Being an Ally | Progress of Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in Asheville, NC | Privilege and More Community Involvement | Inspirational People in the LGBT+ Movement | Modern LGBT+ Biases and Intolerance | Involvement with Blue Ridge Pride | What Can We Do? HIV/AIDS, Allies, Blue Ridge Pride, Stigma, Privilege

Outline of the Interview

History and Passion | Involvement with the LGBT+ population in Western North Carolina | On Being an Ally | Progress of Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in Asheville, NC | Privilege and More Community Involvement | Inspirational People in the LGBT+ Movement | Modern LGBT+ Biases and Intolerance | Involvement with Blue Ridge Pride | What Can We Do? HIV/AIDS, Allies, Blue Ridge Pride, Stigma, Privilege

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