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Dan Baechtold

Meet a Kentucky-born gay man who finally confronted his sexuality after twenty years of marriage and fatherhood.

Interview Date:  March 14, 2023

Interviewer:  Tristan Cook

Interview Length (HH:MM): 1:02

Topics Covered: Coming Out / Early Experiences | Health / Healthcare / HIV/AIDS | LGBTQ Childhoods | LGBTQ Dating / Couples / Marriage / Children | LGBTQ Spaces / Events / Pride Festivals | Life in the Closet | Rebuilding - Friends / Family / Community

Listen to the history of Dan Baechtold, a gay man, as he was talks about how he grew up in Kentucky. Learn how he lived his life for many years as a straight man who was married to a loving wife for 20 plus years and fathering two children. He never felt truly like himself though and when he was in his mid-40’s he decided to be honest with himself and his family and come out as gay. Talking about how he was thankfully than most of his family and friends accepted his truth and were happy to see him be himself finally. Afterwards, he begins speaking about his life after coming out and how it has changed and how it has stayed the same, as well as, how much of his childhood and upbringing influenced his thoughts about homosexuality and other things attached to it.

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Dan Describes Himself Born Richmond, KY | Coming Out Journey | Joining LGBTQ+ Community | Developing Self Autonomy, AIDS Rhetoric in Childhood | Leaving Marriage and Then Covid Arrives | A New Relationship | Stand Up Comedy and LGBTQ Gathering Spaces |

Outline of the Interview

Dan Describes Himself | Born Richmond, KY | Coming Out Journey | Joining LGBTQ+ Community | Developing Self Autonomy, AIDS Rhetoric in Childhood | Leaving Marriage and Then Covid Arrives | A New Relationship | Stand Up Comedy and LGBTQ Gathering Spaces |

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