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A non-binary member of the LatinX community struggles with their identity and its stigma and their with isolation from their cultural roots.

Interview Date:  September 24, 2020

Interviewer:  Govinda Wagner

Interview Length (HH:MM): 1:19

Topics Covered: Advocacy / Activism / Politics | Equity & Justice - LatinX | Identity / Intersectionality | LGBTQ Childhoods | LGBTQ at School | LGBTQ through Art | On Being LGBTQ

Danny B is a trans-person who moved to Swannanoa in 1996. They were originally from Florida in an area with a heavy latinx culture and had a lot of latinx heritage that they got from their grandmother who moved from Columbia to America when she was 14 to get married to Danny’s grandfather. The move caused them to lose a lot of this culture and heritage since Swannanoa was much more of a southern culture, lacking in any real latinx community making the transition even harder. They always knew they were tans or felt like they were more of a boy than anything but didn’t have the language or the knowledge to explain these feelings causing them not to come out till high school. Even then though they were hesitant to come out to their family since their father was Muslim and mother latinx which are both know for having hard stances against LGBTQIA. Listen to the full interview to learn more about their struggles, passions, and life thus far.

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Danny Moves to Asheville, 4 yrs old  Colombian Background | Latinx Life in WNC During Public School | Transitioning to Adulthood Early | Family Hustle | Punk / Metal Scene in Asheville and Music Builds Community | Social Activism Beginnings, Drag at Crow and Quill | Coming Out Journey | Defining Queer | Naming My NonBinary Identity

Outline of the Interview

Danny Moves to Asheville, 4 yrs old | Colombian Background | Latinx Life in WNC During Public School | Transitioning to Adulthood Early | Family Hustle | Punk / Metal Scene in Asheville and Music Builds Community | Social Activism Beginnings, Drag at Crow and Quill | Coming Out Journey | Defining Queer | Naming My NonBinary Identity

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