LGBTQIA+ Oral History Archives

Ron Lambe and Peter Kendrick  

Interview Date:  December 12, 2019

Interviewer:  Horsace Vanderbilt

Interview Length (HH:MM): 00:57

Topics Covered: LGBTQ Dating / Couples / Marriage / Children | LGBTQ Groups / Organizations / Resources | LGBTQ Spaces / Events / Pride Festivals | LGBTQ Yesterday Today Tomorrow

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The Running Water Collective | RFD Magazine, Rural Free Delivery | Radical Faeries and Neighborly relationships | First Gay Spirit Vision Conference in Highlands, NC | Southern Appalachian and Gay Alliance (SALGA) | Partner Benefits and Immigration Laws | Turning over Running Water | Peter, and Ving Get Married | The Masonic Temple in Asheville

Outline of the Interview

The Running Water Collective | RFD Magazine | Relationship with Neighbors | Gay Spirit Vision Conference | The Fairy Community | Southern Appalachian and Gay Alliance (SALGA) | Gays in Asheville in the s | Closure of Running Water | Gay Weddings in North Carolina | The Masonic Temple in Asheville

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