Connections – a New Year with Generation Plus

A monthly meeting for our LGBTQ+ elders to socialize, educate and advocate. Great communication begins with connection.

Generation Plus is excited to announce a new initiative for our LGBTQ+ senior community. Through our surveys we identified some needs and wants for the Generation Plus program and we are excited to kick off the new year with these projects.

Starting in January we are beginning a series of social chat meetings titled Connections.

“…the business of life is human connection”- Robin Sharma

Connections is a monthly meeting for our LGBTQ+ elders to socialize, educate and advocate.

Too often aging slows us down from making important connections within our community. The vision for Connections is to provide a thriving group that welcomes and elevates us all.

Anchored in inclusivity we improve the understanding of services available to the ‘active aging’ citizens.

Our goals include bringing awareness and information to a growing LGBTQ+ elder community settling in the region. Our organization affirms the right of everyone to live as their authentic self.

Great communication begins with connection.

Meetings will occur the 3rd Saturday of each month, 3PM – 5PM and will be facilitated by a member of our Generation Plus Committee.

Meetings will be held at Mountain Care, 68 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803

Signage will be placed on Sweeten Creek Road for the meetings and additional signage will be at the facility.

See the BRP website calendar for more information.

For more information and/or suggestions please contact Butch Thompson, Director, Generation Plus

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