October Generation Plus Monthly Focuses on Voting Tips and Links

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The October 7th Generation Plus Live virtual segment allowed us to share some important information and links regarding voting and what are we voting for in this election. While many have already voted let us all stay focused on reminding people to VOTE!  Thank you to our presenters.


  • Bob Tomasulo (Aging Community Activist, former President of the Elder Advocates)
  • Bruce Birdsall (Council on Aging)
  • Tina Madison White (Human Rights Campaign)
  • Jessica Hulick (Equality NC)

Gen Plus Voting Issues

Social Security

Social Security continues to be a voter focus. AARP surveys in both political parties highlight these issues at the fore front:

  • Protecting Social Security-Strengthen Medicare-Lowering Prescription Drug Cost-Protecting Nursing Home and Care facilities
  • 1 out of 4 households depends on Social Security
  • Currently there is enough money in the Social Security Trust fund to last until 2035.


  • Currently 64 million people utilizing Medicare.
  • Medicare only has enough money to run till 2026.  Challenges:
    • More people are receiving benefits than the number of people paying into the fund
    • Drug cost are not regulated
    • Medicare cannot negotiate prices with drug companies
  • When we vote we need to consider where political leaders stand on the future of Medicare
  • Average additional cost to people on Medicare is $5,800 a year
  • Medicare represents 14% of the Federal budget

Public Sovereignty / National & Local Mindset are Critical

The good news is that there is overwhelming support in battleground states for LGBTQ equality, the Equality Act and for the Transgender community.  The challenge is that many forces working to mute the voice of the people.  We have to gain control of the Presidency, Senate, and NC Senate and House.

  • Voting and supporting local candidates is always important.  This year, people with time and / or money, should look outside their district and state, too.  Our rights are heavily influenced by politicians serving other geographies.

Voting Resources

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