Ongoing Virtual Center Administrative Tasks

This is a Daily / Weekly / Monthly checklist of tasks for maintaining the virtual center. It includes direct links to complete each task and some basic instructions.
  • Any everything below, if there is an issue or question, report it using the Contact Us form.  This will enable us to track issue resolution.
  • Some of these can be managed from an iphone.  For example, each pending event triggers an email from which you can review and publish (approve) an event.


Manage posted content, applications, and requests

  • EVENTS: Review and Approve Pending Events.
    • Is event relevant to our audience?  Is the content and picture of the listing family-friendly?
    • Is the meta data set correctly?  [Event Type, Audience, BRPC Program]
    • If these are correct or easily correctible by you, correct them and publish.
    • If not, you can contact the author using the User Email listed in the table.
  • POSTS: Review and Approve Pending Posts Manage Posts [BE]
    • Skip this for now.  We are working out some issues.  I will approve these until they are fixed.
  • DIRECTORY LISTINGS: Review New Directory Listings [Organizations | Services | Faith | Groups | Speakers | Resources]
    • For now, simply review email notifications.  I will set up an online view. 
    • At the moment, these all publish immediately.  Your challenge is to identify major issues.
      • Do they appear to be legitimate?
      • Is the metadata correct?  (What you are really looking for is someone who is abusing categories by clicking a lot of them in order to get mentioned everywhere.)

Twice Weekly

  • FACEBOOK: Check Every Monday and Friday – for new events to add.


  • FACEBOOK: Check Every Monday and Friday – for new events to add.



Quick Links

Support Functions

Volunteers / Team

Programs & Projects

Web Site / Virtual Center

[Red = Monitor Frequently and Manage Closely]  [Pink = Critical to Manage]

Running Notes

Reza Mae,

I think that we are approaching the go-live time when we start to encourage more submissions.  I would like to set up a daily / weekly / monthly process for monitoring and approving submissions and maintaining the content on the website.

When I say “daily”, I mean most days.  If we skip a day now and then, that’s fine.

For now, I think that it will amount to a very light workload.  I or someone on my time can help to cover this.

  • Can you let me know what days you can generally cover?  In most instances, it will amount to 15 – 60 minutes of work.
  • I can cover other days.  You are always welcome to send me a quick email letting me know when you need coverage.


  • APPROVAL: To date, we have allowed all events, listings, and posts to go directly to a published state.  From now on, they will be pending review. One of us will have to approve them. That is the most important daily activity.  It should usually be fairly straightforward. We aren’t doing a detailed review.  We are mostly looking for two things:
    • Is someone posting something we don’t want on this site?
    • Have they tagged the categories correctly?
  • ON-LINE CHECKLIST: I have set up a post [link] that has all of the Daily / Weekly / Monthly admin tasks.
    • This list will continue to grow and evolve as we refine the procedures.  Right now, it is a VERY short list.
    • Each time you log in, I would suggest going directly to that link.  In addition to having a checklist, it has built-in links to complete each task.  Feel free to edit it if you see the need.
    • I will likely update this checklist at least weekly during the early going.
  • VCTR INBOX: In most cases, when someone submits and event or post, an email will automatically go to  This is a shared inbox that is assigned to you and me.
    • If you haven’t already, you should add it to your email inbox view.  Let me know if you need help doing this.
    • I will usually use this email address instead of  That way, if you are unavailable, anyone that we give access to the VCtr Inbox can act on it.
    • I created a Closed Folder.  For now, let’s not delete incoming emails.  Move them to Closed when you don’t need them anymore.
    • I created an Open Issues folder.  If you get an email that you don’t feel you can address without my input, just stick in open issues.  I’ll know to check there.
  • TRACKING AND MANAGING ISSUES: As you are working if you note an important issue to resolve or a question, I suggest that you report it using our Feedback Form.  That way, you and I can monitor and review open issues.
    • We can review and manage these issues using this Online View.
    • Note that it has a button to toggle inline editing.  This allows you to edit an entry without having to open it.
    • You are also welcome to email me directly – especially for really simple things that I can answer immediately.

I look forward to working with you on this next phase!  In the short run, the work may be highly variable.  You also may get a lot of test posts from me or the developer.  Simply ignore these. I also welcome your continual advice and feedback.  Please be sure to charge your time for everything you do.  Thank you so much!

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