Asheville Friends

We are an unprogrammed Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

Affiliation: Quaker, Friends


We gather each First Day (Sunday), with singing at 9:30 a.m. and Meeting for Worship at 10:00. Our Meeting House is located at 227 Edgewood Road in Asheville, NC. Join us!

The Asheville Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed meeting.

Unprogrammed worship is the more traditional style of worship among Friends and remains the norm in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and parts of the United States and Canada. During an unprogrammed meeting for worship, Friends gather together in “expectant waiting” for divine leadings. Sometimes a meeting is entirely silent, sometimes quite a few people speak. Meeting for Worship generally lasts about an hour. A member will rise and share a message (give “ministry”) with the gathered meeting when they feel they are led by the spirit. Typically, messages, testimonies, ministry, or other speech are unprepared, and members are expected by the community to discern the source of their inspiration—whether divine or self. Unprogrammed worship is generally deemed to start as soon as the first participant is seated, the others entering the room in silence. The Meeting for Worship ends when one person (usually predetermined) shakes the hand of his or her neighbor. All the members of the assembly then shake hands with their neighbors, after which one member usually rises and extends greetings and makes announcements. Many meetings serve coffee or tea after meeting, which gives everyone an opportunity to catch up with friends and chat with visitors.

Address: 227 Edgewood Rd, Asheville, North Carolina 28804, USA
Phone: (828) 258-0974
County: Buncombe

Community Notes

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