Christopher Michael Coaching

Supporting people in committed relationships who struggle to communicate effectively and want to regain peace, love, and connection with their partners.

Services: Personal Coaches & Assistants


Are you ready to uncover the underlying beliefs that keep you from having the life you deserve? It’s time for you to start trusting yourself and start listening for your own greatness. Lets create a personalized plan with regular check-ins to help you reach your goals.

Your patterns of speaking and listening are often the only things standing in your way, stopping you from having the life you deserve. Tune in to how you describe your circumstances and discover the clues that can make all the difference. Together, through conversation and with active listening, I will help you identify those limiting beliefs and the impact they are having on your day-to-day life. Once clearly defined, these old beliefs can easily be replaced with new beliefs that will inspire you to create the life you’ve always wanted and perhaps never knew you already have.

Address: Asheville, NC, USA
Service Areas: All / Not Applicable

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