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Are you struggling to manage everything going on in your life? Do you feel like you’re just not able to say no to people? Are you stuck in relationships and cycles that don’t serve you anymore? Have you had painful experiences in your past that seem to keep popping up and affecting you currently? I was a young adult struggling with the same issues until I found a trusted therapist who saved my life. You shouldn’t have to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you’re struggling to stand. They say “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – let’s figure out how to replenish yours first.
Together, we’ll dig deep to work through the things that feel dark. I’ll support you in discovering meaningful coping skills, exploring the values that are important to you, and understanding how to hold boundaries that help keep you safe. You’ll learn to feel good about your decisions and confidently say no to what no longer serves you or lifts you up.
Stop living within other people’s comfort zones. It’s time to take off the mask allow space for the whole, true “you” to arise. Reach out to me today for a free phone or video consultation to learn how you can take back control of your life and live more authentically to the person you want to be, not who others expect you to be.

Address: 417 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC, USA
Phone: 8283984434

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