Erratic Decorum

Erratic Decorum is an alternative-style online clothing company centered around the Trans* experience. As a Trans*-owned company, we work to sell apparel members of the community can resonate with. Come check us out!

Services: Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Personal Furnishings


“Goth, Punk, Queer Apparel.”

Established in December of 2020, Erratic Decorum focuses on creating Trans*-centered clothing and accessories suitable for gothic and punk wardrobes. We sell shirts, hoodies, and more with designs created by a Trans* person! We are an online Trans*-owned, Trans*-operated company. Using our platform, we include a page for Trans* resources from around the world for visitors who may need support.

Phone: 828-338-9285
Service Areas: All / Not Applicable

Community Notes

Equity and Inclusion (Uncertified):
BRPC Supporter: Sponsor

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