One Body One World, LLC

Applied functional medicine and coaching for health and personal development goals.

Services: General & Holistic Health Care, Specialty Care, Wellness, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Spas


100% trans owned and operated.

We support anyone ready to address a chronic health condition through lifestyle management or  anyone who has a clear and powerful personal development goal and recognizes the need for a partner in achieving it. Do you have a goal that’s so important it makes your heart ache? Does the idea of going for it scare you? You are on the right track!

Climbing the biggest mountains is never a solo endeavor.

Let’s talk.

  • Applied functional medicine
  • Time-tested, internationally recognized coaching techniques
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

All services are virtual. Internet access required.

Phone: 2124016947
Service Areas: All / Not Applicable

Community Notes

Equity and Inclusion (Uncertified):

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