Annual Welcoming WNC Procession

People and Organizations Walking for a Vision of Welcoming and Equitable Community


On Saturday, September 24, we will renew our annual walk for a a vision of a community that welcomes and celebrates all.  

This walk is open to everyone: individuals, families, friends, neighborhoods, churches, activist groups, social clubs, companies, sports teams. 

We believe that the overwhelming majority of people and organizations in western North Carolina aspire to a community that is welcoming. We need to make ourselves seen and heard. 

This is not your typical Pride Parade.  This is a gathering of ALL in our community who share a vision of inclusivity.

Join us as we walk to Pack Square and into the heart of the festival.  Whether you are a business, a group, a congregation, community, family, or a pack of friends join us on this half-mile walk. Let the world know that in WNC, we share a simple ideal: Inclusion, Ya’ll!

How to Participate

  • One person per team should register to walk. Estimate your number of walkers while registering (you can update later).

  • Gather your team. Wear your organization’s tee shirts, uniforms, hats, buttons. Create your own posters.  Need ideas? Our team is eager to help. (

  • Bring a sign or banner with your logo or an aspirational message.

  • Show up at between 9:00 am and 9:30 am at the 32 Grove Street parking lot (across from 23 Grove) 

Individuals, Families, Friends

 Name # City
Irma1 to 3Asheville
Chris1 to 3Black mountain
Katie1 to 3Asheville
Steve1 to 3Charlotte
Rachel1 to 3Asheville
Travis1 to 3Sylva
Mariah1 to 3Asheville
Katt Naz1 to 3Asheville
Megan1 to 3Asheville
Dr. Rhonda S.1 to 3Asheville
Linda1 to 3Asheville
Kourtney1 to 3Asheville
Olivia1 to 3Asheville
Jamie4 to 6Candler
Shannon1 to 3Canton
LAURA1 to 3Coral Springs
William4 to 6Asheville
Tony1 to 3MARSHALL
Tay1 to 3Asheville
Abigail11 to 20Asheville
amanda1 to 3
denise1 to 3Forest City
Rosie4 to 6ASHEVILLE
Meagan1 to 3Arden
Natalie1 to 3Asheville
Lauren4 to 6Asheville
Emily1 to 3Asheville
Whitney1 to 3Asheville
Rada1 to 3Arden
Magda1 to 3Asheville
Wendy7 to 10
Tina1 to 3Asheville
 Name # City

Organizations, Groups, Companies

 Organization / Community # City
Free Mm Hugs4 to 6asheville
Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church4 to 6Asheville
Town of Woodfin1 to 3Asheville
HCA Healthcare1 to 3Asheville
HCA Healthcare1 to 3Asheville
Sexuality and Gender Alliance at WCU4 to 6Cullowhee
Deltec Homes7 to 10Asheville
Fosnight Center for Sexual Health4 to 6Asheville
HARK - Helping At Risk Kids1 to 3Asheville
Asheville Mardi Gras1 to 3Asheville
Timbersong Academy11 to 20Hendersonville
Haywood Street Congregation7 to 10Asheville
Allison for Asheville1 to 3Asheville
First Congregational United Church of Christ4 to 6Asheville
Ally Financial Inc.11 to 20Charlotte
Warren Wilson College11 to 20Swannanoa
Jasmine for Congress7 to 10Asheville
Matone Counseling and Testing7 to 10Charlotte
LIM- lesbians in the mountains1 to 3Asheville
Biltmore United Methodist Church4 to 6Asheville
Youth OUTright11 to 20Asheville
Walgreens4 to 6Asheville
Planned Parenthood South Atlantic7 to 10Asheville
Dig Local1 to 3Asheville
Mission Health21 or moreAsheville
Northwestern Mutual (Asheville)1 to 3Asheville
UNC Asheville11 to 20Asheville
Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville7 to 10Asheville
First Baptist Church Asheville11 to 20Asheville,
Urban Combat Wrestling LLC4 to 6West Asheville
Allegiant Air11 to 20WEAVERVILLE
ShelbyPride.org11 to 20Shelby
Asheville Mardi Gras Community7 to 10Asheville
Wicked Weed Brewing11 to 20Asheville
Unstoppable French Broad Broads (UFBB)11 to 20Asheville
Lenoir-Rhyne University Asheville11 to 20Asheville
Blue Ridge Roller Derby21 or moreAsheville
T-Mobile21 or moreAsheville
Verner Center for Early Learning11 to 20Asheville
HCA Healthcare1 to 3Burnsville
Virtelle Hospitality4 to 6Asheville
YMCA of Western North Carolina11 to 20Asheville
National Park Service- Great Smoky Mountains National Park11 to 20Cherokee
Brass Your Heart11 to 20Asheville
Carolina Jews for Justice4 to 6Asheville
Street Creature Puppet Collective11 to 20Asheville
Beer City Sisters7 to 10Asheville
Givens Communities21 or moreAsheville
Bank of America21 or moreAsheville
First Presbyterian Church of Asheville21 or moreAsheville
Bloomin Brands11 to 20Canton
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville21 or moreAsheville
MANNA FoodBank11 to 20Asheville
J. Crew11 to 20Asheville
Target21 or moreAsheville
Mars Hill United Methodist Church4 to 6Mars Hill
Central United Methodist Church4 to 6Asheville
 Organization / Community # City
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