Welcome 2022 Exhibitors and Vendors!

Exhibitors & Vendors

These people make the magic happen!

We don’t deliver the festival.  Our exhibitors do.  Over 220 organizations are coming to spend a day celebrating, serving, educating, and advocating on behalf of our community.  Half of the exhibitors at the festival focus on community service, advocacy, health care, faith, and education.

Permits / Insurance

Most food vendors & equipment operators must provide additional documents to City and County. [due 16 days prior to festival] They will not allow you to operate without these. We suggest you complete these well before deadline.

Food Carneys: In response to vendor feedback, we do not permit large carney operations at the festival. We seek to retain a local, community atmosphere.  We welcome out-of-town vendors who offer unique options not available locally.  If in doubt, please email us.


Exhibit Space
  • Booth – 501(c)(3): $150
  • Booth – Regular: $200
  • Truck: $240
  • Tent & Weights: $85
  • Weights: $25
  • Table/2 Chairs: $35
  • Table/4 Chairs: $45
  • Electricity: $25+

NOTE: Owing to some major increases in our production costs, we have had to raise some prices (first time since 2017).

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