Become a Strength in Pride Art Walk Exhibitor

Bring people into your business. Educate the public. Support our community.

The Blue Ridge Pride Business Alliance is partnering with photographer Lauren Merrell and Youth OUTRight to bring local businesses a unique opportunity this September.
Credit: Lauren Merrell

During June of this year, #StrengthinPride shared the pain and joy of being LGBTQ – as experienced by 33 members of our local community.  Each day featured a new life.

We want to bring these stories to life in Asheville and Western North Carolina.  We want to install these exhibits across the community and to encourage people to visit them.  Participating is easy:

  1. Pay the production costs for one of the Strength in Pride series. (Click button below.)
  2. Display it in your store or building for the entire month of September – the month of our upcoming Blue Ridge Pride Festival.  You will be featured in our Strength in Pride Walking Tour Guide and Map and on our website and social media posts.
  3. At the end of the month, we will gather the entire series and auction it off.  All auction proceeds will benefit Youth OUTRight. (If you want to keep the exhibit, you will have an option to purchase it.)

This project is what our Business Alliance Program is all about: Working together to lift up both our community and our local businesses.  Please join us.  [Deadline: August 15!]

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The Partners

The Blue Ridge Pride Business Alliance has a simple goal:  To uplift local business while encouraging local businesses to uplift our community. We believe that, by working together, everyone can win.

Credit: Lauren Merrell

A social impact series created by editorial and commercial photographer Lauren Merrell to combat the stigma’s surrounding the LGBTQ2+ community and celebrate each individual in their authenticity.

​Mission ​

  • To tell the stories of pain, frustration, anger, hope, survival, strength and Introspection in our LGBTQ2+ family
  • ​To create a safe place in our international community that inspires courage, promotes healing, and empowers us to be our authentic selves.
  • ​To connect others to the stories of these amazing people and give those participating a voice that can be seen and heard. 
  • ​To inspire humanity and compassion in people all over the world. Invoking pause and reflection on how we treat one another and the impact our words and actions truly have.

Links: Strength in Pride Project | FacebookInstagram (Photos and Videos)

Youth OUTright’s mission is to create a world in which all LGBTQIA+ youth are supported to reach their fullest potential. We cultivate Resilience, Compassion, and Confidence in the youth community and engage in intersectional and intergenerational dialogue with particular focus on Gender & Racial Justice. Our work includes direct services, technical assistance for youth serving organizations, and advocacy for local, state and federal policy that protects LGBTQIA+ youth.

  • Lauren Merrell, Project Founder and Director [email]
  • Chris Tinkler, Business Alliance Program Director [email]

Additional Information

Series 12-33 $405
Series 6-11 $540
Series 1 $930
Series 2-5 $665
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