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Building a Welcoming Community One Event at a Time

It can take decades to transform neighborhoods and cities.  We can use events, large and small, to model the community we want to become in a single day. We seek to create – and to partner with other event producers – to create community-building events that welcome everyone. 

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Don’t say GAY or mention the LGBTQ+ community

From Blue Ridge Pride- The proposed North Carolina “Parents’ Bill of Rights” only serves to further marginalize our LGBTQ+ youth. The introduction of SB49 yesterday would require forcibly outing transgender and gender-nonconforming youth. It further prohibits the mention of the LGBTQ+ community in the classrooms. Our queer and trans-youth are already vulnerable, and this bill could have serious life-threatening consequences

Interview with KP Whaley

During this series of chats from the LGBTQ community, we’ve heard from local leaders and influencers who have left us feeling inspired. Today we interviewed KP Whaley. KP has created a life in service through public and community broadcasting. He is also dedicated to sustainability: He and his husband run a small diversified farm in Hendersonville. Learn more about KP

Aging with Pride- a national survey

An increasing focus is appearing regarding our aging LGBTQ+ elders and the need for more information. This survey is a bit different in that it is geared towards the LGBTQ+ community, aged 52-58. Our program, Generation Plus serves the LGBTQ+ 55+ community and we hope you will complete the survey as it’s results will add greatly to our understanding of

Reasons To Sponsor

Reasons To Sponsor   You support a stronger community.   Blue Ridge Pride is largely a volunteer-driven organization. In addition to supporting the annual festival, our sponsor and donor funds support our community programs, projects and partners. These program and projects, detailed in a separate guide, include: • Community-Building Events • Generation Plus Program for Seniors • WNC Oral History

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