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Antiga Part 1 [2019 | 1:06]

Introductions | History of Childhood | Nuclear Family, Was-Band, and Children | Divorce, Relationships, and Coming Out | Politics of Being a Lesbian | Inspiration and Mentors | Back to Asheville | Growing Up with “Two Mothers” | Current Needs of Asheville Lesbians | Politics of Last Names

Antiga Part 2 [2019 | 1:29]

Politics of Last Names (continuation from previous interview) | The Current State of Feminism | The Cost of Feminism: Family Strife | The Women’s Suffrage Movement | Taking on the School Board in Minnesota | The Intersection of Lesbianism and Feminism | Artistic Endeavors | Being a Witch | Co-counseling and Reevaluation Counseling | Antiga’s Education, Marriage, and Motherhood | One More Song

Nancy Asch [ 2019 | 0:45]

Introduction | Moving to Western North Carolina | Living in Boston, Massachusetts | Growing Up in New York City | Practicing Social Work | The Benefits of Political Organizations and Activities in Asheville, North Carolina | Developing a Community and Support Network in Asheville, North Carolina | Girls Rock | Exposure to People of Different Race and Class Backgrounds | Coming Out | Significant Changes and Development | Paving the Road for Future Generations | Race and the Progressive Movement in Asheville, North Carolina

Barbara Bell [2019 | 0:47]

History and Passion | Involvement with the LGBT+ population in Western North Carolina | On Being an Ally | Progress of Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in Asheville, NC | Privilege and More Community Involvement | Inspirational People in the LGBT+ Movement | Modern LGBT+ Biases and Intolerance | Involvement with Blue Ridge Pride | What Can We Do?

Jessica Britton [2020 | 1:14]

Introduction | Asheville Native | LGBT Environment | LGBT Involvement | Growing Diversity | Impact On LGBT Community | Getting Fired | Getting outed | Experiences of Discrimination | Coming Out | Pride Festival | Trans Veterans | Trans Police Officers | Favorite Memories | Pride Festivals | Phoenix Transgender Support Group | Groups modeled after Phoenix | Impact of Other Individuals | Meaning of Reflection | Local Medical Care | Extreme Right Wing and Native Groups | Childhood Gender Identity | Theater Experience | Contact With Diverse Groups | Being a Trans Christian | Inclusive Religious Community | Work With Preachers | Public Experience | Supporting the LGBT Community | Greatest Satisfaction | Depression in the LGBT Community | Change Over Time | Advice Going Forward | Conclusion

Cortina Jenelle Caldwell [2020 | 1:14]

Introduction: Biographical Information | What “Rural” Means to Cortina | Growing Up in Morganton and Going to College | Coming Out Journey | Living Black and Queer, School Experiences | LGBTQ+ Role Models | Leaving / Returning to College, Creating a NonProfit | Artists Designing Evolution Project: Entrepreneurship, Storytelling, Service, Education, and Creative Facilitation | Moving “Back Home,” Starting a Business, Early LGBTQ Community Experiences | Listening to LGBTQ Youth and Developing Leadership | Shifts in LGBTQ Gathering, How We Socialize Differently

Roseanna Coates [2019 | 1:49]

Rosie describes herself and her early days in Asheville (1979-1983) | Rosie Joins the U.S. Army, 1983 | Rosie’s Childhood and Musical Abilities | Rosie Realizes She Is A Lesbian in College | Facing Homophobia and Discrimination in College | Early LGBTQ Bars in Asheville (1979 to late 1980s) | Living Closeted / Living Out with Family | Developing Pride and Self Acceptance | Asheville’s Early Pride Festivals, 1991 | O’Henry’s, A Hub of LGBTQ Support, and Asheville’s Bar History | Asheville Lesbians and Building a Downtown Mecca | Transgender Presence in Asheville (1970s / 80s) and Holly Boswell’s Legacy | Racial Integration in Asheville’s LGBTQ Community | Law Enforcement and LGBTQ Community in Asheville | Evolving Asheville Reputation

Dan Coleman [2020 | 1:31]

Western North Carolina native | Living Queer in the South, Coming Out Journey | Accepting My Gay Identity; Seeking LGBTQ Resources | Locating Allies in High School and Self- Actualization | LGBTQ Inclusion at UNC Asheville and Building a Queer Family | Rural LGBTQ Identity, Assimilating, and an Evolving Landscape | The Fear of Coming Out to Your Parents; Managing Family Expectations | How Things Have Changed, Teaching in a Private vs Public School Environment | Wishes for Future LGBTQ Community Building

Yvonne Cook-Riley [2019 | 1:34]

Introduction | Childhood | The Transgendered Experience | Coming to Asheville, North Carolina | A Neutral Amount of Life Improvement Since Coming to Asheville | An Interest and Love of the Natural World | The Farm and Femininity | Academic Performance in Grade School | Coming Out | Enlisting in the US Air Force | Marriage and Children | Awareness of the Gay Community | A Coming Out Experience | Experiences and Exposures During the s | Isolated Communities | The Beginning of Her Path

Zeke Christopolous [2020 | 0:59]

Introduction | Moved to Asheville in 2000 | Changes in Asheville’s Reputation as Inclusive and HB 2 | LGBTQ+ Gathering In and Beyond Bar Culture | Future for LGBTQ+ Community in Asheville | Zeke’s Young Life | Otherness In Childhood and Wanting to be a Boy | Ancestors and Family in “Two Senses of the Word” | Faith Communities in Asheville and Formative LGBTQ+ Organizations (2001 | Faith Experience in Asheville and Training for LGBTQ+ Inclusion | Healthcare and Health Issues in WNC | Educational History and Search for Identity | Social Activism and Educational LGBTQ+ Advocacy Work | Good and Bad Experiences with Social Services and Housing Insecurities

Lorena Russell & Kitty Hancock [2019 | 1:14]

Introduction | Residence in Western, North Carolina | Childhood Memory | Coming Out Narratives | Defining Coming Out | First Gay-related Event | Dating Life Stories | UNC-Asheville | Veterans Affairs LGBTQ Programs | Support Network in Western, North Carolina | LGBTQ Community Activism | Contact with Different People | First Meeting | Favorite Memory Together | LGBTQ Media Representation | Educational Background | Conclusion

Kelly Harrison – Part 1 [2019 | 0:49]

Introduction | Childhood in Hot Springs, NC | Coming Out as Gay | Living a closeted life | LGBT Community and Role Models in Youth | Aids Crisis in High School; First Pride Event | Going to College and Searching for LGBT Community | LGBT Organizations in Asheville C.L.O.S.E.R. and Avoiding the Gay Bar Scene | Gay Bar Scene in Asheville, NC | Mental Health Therapy and Coming Out | HIV Blindness and Health Service Experiences | Social Work Background and Leaving that Field | Spiritual Journey and Welcoming Institutions | Assessing Diversity in Asheville’s LGBT Community

Kelly Harrison – Part 2 [2019 | 0:22]

Introduction | Influence of Elders | Helpful Resources | Urban Gay Society | Rural Culture vs Urban Culture | Loss of Identity | Relationship within LGBTQ Community | Label Changes | Feelings on the term Queer | Self-Care | Conclusion

Beth Heinberg [2019 | 0:42]

Introduction | Asheville | Boston | Youth Outright | Girls Rock Asheville | Pride Festival | Networking | Lack of Diversity | Coming Out | Stigma v.s. Inclusion | Political Action | Intersection of Race | Lesbian Asheville Today

Peter Kendrick and Ron Lambe [2019 |1:00]

The Running Water Collective | RFD Magazine | Relationship with Neighbors | Gay Spirit Vision Conference | The Fairy Community | Southern Appalachian and Gay Alliance (SALGA) | Gays in Asheville in the s | Closure of Running Water | Gay Weddings in North Carolina | The Masonic Temple in Asheville

Beaulah Land [2019 | 1:39]

Introduction & Family History | Understanding and Learning about Queerness in the Classroom | The Firsts Coming Out and Relationships | Finding Her Community | Drag Lingo | Identity of Beaulah Land On and Off Stage | Religion in Queer Community | The First Performance | First Drag Memory and Drag Makeup | Drag Family Explained | Holly Boswell | Defining Drag | Activism in Western North Carolina and at Western Carolina University | Names | Race, Gender, and Drag | Self Care and Mental Health

Natasha Noir Nightly (Lane Wagner) [2020 | 1:03]

Natasha Preinterview material | Lane Wagner/Natasha Noir Nightly’s Coming Out Story | Bullying, moving to Asheville, and introduction to drag | Natasha speaks about Lane doing ballet and how drag has changed | Race in drag, marriage equality, Pride, and doing weddings

Kari and Ashley Pilcher [2019 | 1:13]

Introduction | Residence in Western, North Carolina | Childhood Memory | Ancestors | Coming Out Narrative | Changes in LGBTQ Community | Awareness of Sexual Identity | Definition/Influence of Coming Out | First Gay-related Event | Favorite Dating Stories

Allison Scott [2019 | 1:27]

Introduction | Revitalization of Asheville and Being Queer in that Time | Coming Out | Community Spaces Growing Up | Historical and Current Bias Against Trans Community | Centering Marginalized Voices in Social Justice Movements | Trans Visibility | On the Backs of Those Who Came Before | An Activist to be Remembered | Life View as a Trans Womxn | Safe Spaces in Asheville for the Trans Community

Tina White – Part 1 [2020 | 0:55]

Introduction | “How would you describe yourself, Tina?” | “What brought you to Western North Carolina, and how long have you been here?” | Intersectionality | “Have you seen things that have changed in a negative fashion?” | Desired Changes in the Community | Tina White’s Childhood | An Inner Struggle | Community Organizations and Support Groups | Forming an Identity | Asheville Organizations | Community Strife | Privilege | Final Thoughts for Part 1

Susan Wilson [2019 | 0:21]

Introduction | Childhood | Meeting Her Wife | Moving to Western North Carolina | The Marriage Ceremony | Being Misunderstood By Family

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