Guide: Sizing Pictures for Good-Looking Posts

If you are having trouble adapting a picture you want to use on our site to our size and ratio requirements, here is a free tool you can use.

For your picture to look good, it must have the correct ratio and size. 

  • Ratio: Most of our posts and forms use either a 1:1  or a 3:2 ratio.
  • Size: Ideally, it should be at least 300 pixels on either side and no more than 1500 on the longest side.

Some of our forms include a built-in cropping tool.  If you are having difficulty getting your picture to fit our ratio requirements, use this free online tool to alter your image before uploading it.


  • Click this link to open cropping software in a new window.  Upload your image to the window.
  • Adding Borders: Sometimes you need to add a white or black border before you crop so that you include the entire image.  See the image below for an illustration of these steps.
    • Select Resize | Fixed.
    • Select the Background Color you want as a border.
    • Add 250 to the image’s current width. Click Apply.
    • Repeat the steps above, this time adding 250 to the height.  Be sure to click apply.
    • You can now save, resize or crop the image.
  • Cropping: If you are using your image in a form of ours that does not include a cropping tool, you can crop it here.
    • From the menu, Select Crop | by Aspect Ratio
    • Enter 3:2 for most posts (1:1 for headshots)
    • Move and size the crop guidelines.
    • Click File – Save Image.
  • Return to your entry form and upload your image.

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