“…the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is truly something for everyone in this fascinating part of the U.S.A.”

When we were first ask to identify some local LGBTQ+ folk we had to stop and think for a bit. Are there Asheville LGBTQ+ natives? Who are they and where are they? So we got to work and put out some asks as they say. Within 2 days we had a list of 21 folk from a diverse group. You see it all started last year. We got an email from Passport Magazine requesting to speak with someone about our LGBTQ+ community. The magazine was doing an article for travelers on our little gem of a city. This came as great news to us as Blue Ridge Pride’s Festival had been named the runner up as the best LGBTQ+ small town festival in the world. WOW! We were just behind a lovely town in Italy called Sitges. Working with the team at Passport Magazine we provided many resumes for them to choose from. Seems there are quite a lot of Asheville LGBTQ+ natives and I was surprised to learn I know some. Sometimes we forget to ask questions, we don’t remember the details or we just don’t retain information as well. Yes, I grow older.

In this article the interviewees touch on many things about our city. The great food, the diversity of art, the mountains, the river. And yes watching the beautiful sunset from the Grove Park Inn terrace. It’s magnificent. It’s beautiful. And for some of us it is also magical as it sets over our city.

Blue Ridge Pride is proud of our gem of a city and we are glad to be Blue Ridge Proud!

Read this wonderful article about wonderful people. https://passportmagazine.com/ask-local-asheville-north-carolina/

-Butch Thompson, Board of Directors President
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