Cup of Me

What's a cup of me? What's with the tree?

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We could not hold Pride this year.  But we can still give of ourselves and connect.  Share your thoughts and feelings in word and picture.


Strips of clothing represent our former ways of thinking, habits and traumas which can be transformed into stories of hope and resilience.  These are our cups of me – little distillations of our lives. When we distill our cup, we deepen our understanding and acceptance of ourselves. When we share it,  we inspire and encourage others. 

The tree and its branches represent the many paths that connect and uphold us as a community.

As you approach the tree, you notice the colors and strips of clothing moving in the breeze …  colors and the textures of buttons, seams, zippers, collars and cuffs.  These are all elements of our former ways of thought and living. 

At times, bits of fabric intertwine.  This is where our stories and lives intersect. A tapestry of different experiences ebbs and flows before you. Cups dangle from strips of clothing …just waiting to spill their knowledge and wisdom. Drink it in. 

Distill your own life and pour your own cup.  Become a part of the tale that continues. We must be brave enough to share our stories, and wise enough to savor the “me” of others.

Special Thanks

To our project sponsor, WNC Bridge Foundation Thrift Stores.  WNC Bridge Foundation exists to connect our communities to a healthier future and to create lasting change through local partnerships. They seek to expand access and equity for vulnerable populations.

To Dutch Girl Coin Laundry @ 863 Haywood Rd, Asheville NC 28806

To our team of tailors and tree trimmers: Emily Herold | Molly Robinson | Hazel Brindly | Chris Lee | James Ferrel | Heather Linton | Rich Davis | David Lisenbee | Tom Eversmann | Amanda Levesque | Debra Roberts | JT Whitfield | Helen Byrd | Tina White | Chris Tinkler | Marty Tinkler | Tricia Rother | Yvonne Orthman

And to Tailor- and Tree Trimmer-in-Chief: Tony Bayles 

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