VCTR GUIDE: Creating & Managing Posts

How to get your post noticed where it needs to be noticed.


We use posts heavily on this site in order to make it easier for team and community members to add and manage content.  Adding posts is pretty easy. Here is what is most important.

  • Always create both a Title and Excerpt.
  • Always select 1-2 categories.
  • Almost always add a feature image.


These are critical. We use categories and welcoming pages to control where posts show up.

  • If you want a post to show up on one or more of our main news pages, be sure to select at least one category within COMMUNITY NEWS and BRPC NEWS.
  • If you do NOT want a post to show up in these pages, be sure to select a category under INTERNAL OR CONTROLLED USE.
    • TIP: If you want to save a post without any risk of it showing up, select “Reserve”. It will only show up on your “My Posts” list.
  • Do NOT check too many categories.  1-2 is generally enough.

Welcoming Pages

Welcoming Pages consolidate information on a specific topic (e.g., shools, workplaces).  We have not yet deployed Welcoming Pages.  When we do, these will function much like categories.  Check these IF appropriate.


Here are three great sources for royalty-free images.

Adding images is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Find an image and download it.  Include the artist name in the file name.  [Or you can select images from our library of previous uploads.]
  2. Upload it to your post.
  3. Credit the artist at the bottom of your post.

Other Tips

  • Publish Dates and Archive Dates allow you to control when a post is made public and removed from public view.
  • If you want to keep a post “permanently” set an archive date of January 1, 2025.  We will use this for future reviews.
  • Terms aren’t used much, but you are welcome to add them.

Sample Post Styles

The following is just to show you what different styles look like on our site.   Never use Header 1.  This has a special purpose.  Within a post, we usually use Header 4 and 5.  2 and 3 can look like shouting.

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5

Strong (Bold)



Horizontal Line

  • List Bullet
    • Indented
  1. Numbered List
    1. Indented

Block Quote

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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